24 Hour Chanting in Honor of Guru Ram Das Ji

You are invited to join the global community to celebrate the birthday of Guru Ram Das Ji with 24 hours of chanting from October 8-9, 2023 via Zoom.

Sangats from China, Germany, Chile and HGRD (the Mother Ashram) in the US will be sharing their 2.5-hour Special Sadhanas during this time.

This event will take place at the following times in these different time zones:

  • 5:30am (US/PDT) on October 8 to 5:30am (US/PDT) on October 9
  • 6:30am (US/MDT) on October 8 to 6:30am (US/MDT) on October 9
  • 8:30am (US/EDT) on October 8 to 8:30am (US/EDT) on October 9
  • 9:30am (Chile) on October 8 to 9:30am (Chile) on October 9
  • 2:30pm (CEST) on October 8 to 2:30pm (CEST) on October 9
  • 8:30pm (China) on October 8 to 8:30pm (China) on October 9

Visit www.worldtimebuddy.com to find your local time zone.


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