All Will Be Loved Here


by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

Excerpt from a Gurdwara lecture given on 11/7/95

A lot of people have abused me. A lot of people have hated me. A lot of people have said so many things against me. It is all right. God is speaking through them. God is hearing in me. Let it be decided between God. Why should I, as a person, even interfere?  This is what Guru Nanak’s Dharam is, which even today has never been understood. I am not atma. I am not my mind. I am not my body. I am the Self. This Self, this “me” has been given to pay my debt between the test and the tribe of the world in peace, tranquility, and grace. This is Nanak.

Naanak does not tell you what to do. Nanak does not interfere with you. Nanak says you are you, and within you is that One who made you. Recognize this fact and then act. Guru Nanak says, in antar, in your insides, is everything. Whatever you find outside, will cause you to suffer. There is no outside. Just find the inside. Inside me is God.

I am Siri Singh Sahib. It is my job to act as Siri Singh Sahib. I have no quality and no quarrel with the fact. As Harbhajan Singh, I may fail. As Yogi Bhajan, I may not understand. But as a first servant of the house of the Guru, it is the responsibility to meet the challenge head on.

It will be our tradition – let us all hear it. We shall never call anybody before the Guru for punishment. Never ever. This is a house of Nanak.  All will be forgiven here. All will be loved here. All shall be received here.Never again in the history of our life or beyond us will a person be called upon to be punished. If somebody loves to be punished, let him go to the Akal Takhat himself, and let him get punished there. If you like punishment so much, there is that tradition. But in any place that we call the house of Guru Ram Das, which has four doors to welcome all; which has an openness like four chambers of the heart, no person shall be rejected. No person shall be ridiculed. No person shall be punished, and no person shall be ill-treated. It doesn’t matter how much that person has ill-treated someone else. We shall bear it. This is the tradition of Nanak.

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