Aquarian Sevadars: Seva Food Truck Bay Area

What is the mission of the Seva Food Truck Bay Area? 

Seva Food Truck Bay Area (A.K.A. 5SikhSeva) is a registered 501(c) nonprofit organization, on a mission to bring the kitchen to the community! They first started with the idea of feeding hospital workers in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, however, their current projects extend beyond that:

  • They are currently serving healthcare workers in hospitals and other citizens in need (600-800 free meals/week).
  • They are also providing some citizens with grocery bags on a weekly basis.
  • They have served annually a total of 11,000 free meals approximately all over the Bay Area.

How did Seva Food Truck Bay Area get started? 

When the pandemic hit, two Bay Area families met to discuss how to serve the community in the most relevant way. The youth in the family came up with the Food Truck idea to take the kitchen to the community.From there, over the next 11 months the families set up the organization, connected with like-minded collaborators, sourced the truck, and set up operations.

Their Food Truck is available at designated spots during the weekdays, and offer nutritious, fresh, and hot vegetarian meals to the front line workers and others in need. The menu is seasonal and changes with local produce availability.

What future projects does Seva Food Truck Bay Area have planned? 

They currently own one food truck and want to buy a pick-up truck to help them expand the delivery of food and groceries to other areas, including the San José area.

Adding more food trucks in order to reach more people in need is also one of their main projects right now. In the future, they would also like to serve the California Firefighters and children who are not getting food once the school year ends.

In order to continue to serve the community and expand their services, 5SikhSeva is grateful to receive donations from the community.

Seva Food Truck Bay Area Donation Video

Seva Food Truck Bay Area

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