“Awaken Your Mind” Lecture


Excerpt of “Awaken Your Mind” Lecture on January 8, 1989 in Los Angeles by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

“…you know there is nothing good and bad in the world, thinking makes it so and you know, you have no power of thinking as a human, animals can think, animals can think better than you, it has natural capacity to think where to get the food. Human doesn’t have the power of thinking, human has the power to mix the intelligent and the consciousness or mix the intelligence and the commotions, that’s it. Thinking is automatic with you. Thought comes to you by your intellect, automatically animal has all the qualities, the mammal can have all the faculties, but the mammal will not have intellect. Remember that, you have been given intellect so that you not have to think. And how stupid you are when you cannot have to think you still think. And how messed up your life will be, is there any medicine in the world, is there any doctor, is there any priest, any saint, any sage who can tell you one simple, straight truth, thinking is automatic with you. When thinking is automatic… If the plane is flying on automatics and then you make it manual what a mess you will create. Don’t you understand simple law of physics? Guru Nanak said first word,

Sochai Sochai na jei soche lakh var

Thinking won’t think for you, you may think hundred thousand times and today’s philosophers, look at the twentieth century beauty. They said sochai sochai na hovai, purity will not become purity you can purify yourself hundred thousand times then what is the use of life. They change because psychologically and analytically and analytically in the truth they cannot face the world, that man cannot think; man humanity at large cannot accept the truth what Guru Nanak gave them that thinking is automatic with you and what is automatic don’t make it manual. It makes you animal, it destroys your all happiness, it destroys your all life, with all the richness you become poor, with all the means you become meaningless, you become nothing out of everything, because what is automatic should never be put on manual. Or stop the automatic, encourage yourself to control your mind and stop the automatic and then put it to manual. People ask me the questions.

It was very simple question I went yesterday and somebody asked me a very simple question, “What have you Yogiji found out the basic principle?” One line. “Where is the happiness?”

I said, “Happiness is very simple, either put yourself on the automatic or put yourself on the manual, but don’t mix it. It will tear up what that thing which you have, which changes the gear, transmission. It will eat up the teeth of the wheels of the transmission, it will blow up everything inside out. I know I was raised to be obeyed, I was raised to be obeyed, I was raised to be decisive, I was raised to be understood, I came from that family. I know my mind was (dun, dun, dun) the way, you know, you can’t take away the regal out of me. I think if I can be given by a governor certain values to think that way, do you know I am sitting right before the Siri Guru Granth I cannot say no, though I know it is wrong, and I should say no, I have been trained never to say no. I was told after your no there is no yes anywhere in the world therefore you cannot (Sahibzadhe?) you cannot say no to anyone. It doesn’t exist in your dictionary. You are the crown prince and your first thing is that you cannot say no. Now I am fifty nine-year-old, I try to say no, I can’t. I don’t blame my governess. She was right to those circumstances. And I don’t blame myself today, I am right to my present circumstances, it’s good never to say no. I belong to the house of Nanak which has no, no. I have realized something which I was trained to deal with the earth, becomes to deal with the heavens. Heavens never say no to you. God never says no to you. The nature never says no to you, why you who are born of that God and nature, say no, who gave you that right? And Sikh of the Guru saying no?

Your mool mantra is nirbhav nirvair and you are afraid of all the time. Your mool mantar is Akal purkh. Karta purkh ajooni saibhang, Akal moorath, Ek Ong Kar, gurprasad.  This is your root, mool mantra, mool, principal, principal mental state.  What is a mantra? Mental vibrations, these are your principal, root vibration of your mind, Ek Ong Kar, you are creation of the one, all of you. That’s why sarbat daa bhalaa is the command. Do good to all. How you can do good to all if you do not have all with you. I am asking you, let me define hell and heavens for you. Hell is when you have more enemies and less friends. Heaven is when you have more friends and less enemies. That’s the earth. Now let us talk mental.  When you are more demons, you have a hell; when you have more angels, you have a heaven. Let me tell you about the spirit. When you have more light, you are heaven; when you have darkness, you are hell. Let me tell you all that. Why I am telling you? I am just telling you as a human being, whatever somebody is telling me about. What is above is below.

You have one blindness.  You are dead blind when you do not see and understand the other human cannot speak for themselves sometimes, sometimes God speaks through them. Don’t you see, don’t you see, a absolutely born out of whatever system he was born, in a manger, see don’t be unwise. No inn provided Jessu the space to be born. Absolutely no space and he was born in the presence of the donkeys and all that stuff. He never was born in a palace.  You know that place is worshipped, because he was born there. Because in blood was nam, God. His mother told him, angel told me my son, you are not born of all illegalities and irregularities, what your friends tell you.  I tell you the angel told me that you have come with the will of God. God is your father and that boy stuck to death.  He went on the cross with the same word. My father has great mansion, my father’s mansion has many rooms, my father has all, that is where Jesus’ mind God stuck. Not that he was a great yogi, he could walk on the water, he could fly in the air, that…shut up; airplane with four hundred fifty passengers fly through the air. And a big boat can take two thousand passengers and walkover the water. Are these qualities makes a person prophet, every ship going from London to New York should be considered Jesus Christ? You must be out of your mind. Performance is not what can make a person great. It is the tolerance which can make a person great. And tolerance is not what makes a person great then delivering the goodness of God. That makes a person great. And that cannot be with you, never will be, if your mind is not awakened with the word of the Guru.

Repeat. There is only one commandment in the whole Siri Guru Granth, jap, repeat. Aad sach jugad sah hai bhee sach Nanak hosee bhee sach, repeat Nanak says to the point when God starts repeating to you.

“Jap, tap sanjam dharam nee kamaya, seva, saad nahi jane har raya, kaho Nanak hum neech karma sant padegi ako sagi.”

Without the jap, without repeating the name of God, you cannot make sense to yourself, forget about making sense to others, you try to control others, you try to make sense to others, you go to the seminars, you go to the classes, you do everything, when you go to your own meditation, you hear Guru, you come and read Guru, do you agree with the Guru. Guru says ‘amrit veylaa sach nam vadai vichar, karmi avey kapda nadri mokh dwar’. Your prosperity, your truth, your richness, will come to you if you wake up in the morning and meditate…”


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