Caring Coalition Feeding Families

Over the past three years, Sikh Dharma International has donated $3,000 to Caring Coalition AZ.  This amount has provided 2,100 lbs. of food for many Arizona families through the pandemic and beyond. Thank you for donating to Sikh Dharma International!

Each one of the families we serve are a daily reminder that it is possible to meet adversity with courage and gratitude. And that each one of us has the ability to share even if the only thing we have to give is a kind word, a loaf of bread, or our warmth.

Vicki works hard as plumber. There is always an uncle, a cousin, or a neighbor, or a brother that needs help. She is always there for all of them, whether she is sharing food, love, or a space on her couch.

Marisol lost her job as teacher’s aide at the beginning of the pandemic. She started a small home baking business. After five months, she proudly let me know she did not need our help any more.

After the birth of her second child, Brenda was able to stay home with her newborn for a few months because of the food boxes you helped to provide.

For each of these families, your kindness created possibilities for a better life.

When I created the Caring Coalition, I wanted to provide a way for my Sikh neighbors and friends to come together, serving the mission of Guru Ram Das by feeding the masses. Together over the past ten years, we have succeeded in doing that.

I am uplifted every day by the greater community of Caring Coalition that our volunteers and families have created.

The families we serve help with deliveries, share food with their neighbors, and even send some items to the border towns in Mexico.

The Yoga and Kirtan Community here in the neighborhood I live in, and people I have never met, have donated thousands of dollars and hundreds of volunteer hours.

I expected Caring Coalition AZ would bring comfort and fulfillment to the families we serve. I did not anticipate the boundless joy I would feel in serving these families, and working with our volunteers, donors and vendors.

“Your Gifts are beyond all measure, then how may one describe The Giver.”  It is by the Grace of God that this mission has succeeded. Thank you for being the hands and feet of the Unseen.

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