2022 Sikhs Feed People Grant Recipients

Sikhs Feed People supports food Seva efforts around the globe. Feeding others is a central tenet of the Sikh Dharma lifestyle, as is promoting equality through Langar, free kitchens, free meals, food pantries and other food programs. We bring awareness and financial support to programs all over the world where people consistently bring sustenance to the less fortunate in their local communities.

Your donations will go directly to grants that fund free meal programs including and similar to the programs featured below, that are receiving support form Sikh Dharma International. You can donate to Sikhs Feed People at the link below to support these and other similar efforts, or you can donate directly to any or all of our 2022 grant recipients featured below if you feel inspired to support these incredible efforts! 

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1. Amar Das Foundation (Santiago, Chile)

The Amar Das Foundation provides homemade and blessed vegetarian meals to the homeless in downtown Santiago, Chile. They have already served over 10,000 meals to date.

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Click Here to Learn More about the Amar Das Foundation


2. FAMIL USA (Virginia, U.S.A.) 

FAMIL USA is dedicated to assisting Afghan allies and their families in the United States. In the wake of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan allies and their families were evacuated from Afghanistan and relocated to the United States to escape the threat of violence in Afghanistan. Many of these individuals are facing significant loss after leaving behind their loved ones, their homes and all of their belongings due to the urgency with which they were evacuated.

FAMIL USA is providing food, transportation, personal supplies, household goods, educational supplies, emotional support and other types of recovery assistance to newly arriving Afghan families in need.

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3. Duwara Consciousness Foundation (California, U.S.A.)

Duwara Consciousness Foundation provides accessible and nutritious vegetarian food to those in need through their mobile Food Trailer. They also offer mobile hygiene services through their Shower Trailer which offers seven shower stalls and two washer-dryer units. Their ultimate goal is to provide individuals and families a conduit to permanent housing through their envisioned Land Project.

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4. Food 4 Kids (New Mexico, U.S.A.)

Food for Kids is a volunteer program that serves hungry children in and around the Española, New Mexico. They regularly provide bags of food to local children between ages 6 and 12 who do not always get enough food to eat, working with the local schools to distribute food to children and families in need.

Click Here to Donate Directly to Food 4 Kids

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5. Caring Coalition (Arizona, U.S.A.)

The Caring Coalition is now feeding whole families in response to COVID-19 and rising food costs.

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Click Here to Learn More about the Caring Coalition


6. Khalsa Aid (U.K.) 

Khalsa Aid is an international NGO with the aim to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world. The organization is based upon the Sikh principle of “recognize the whole human race as one.”

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7. Khalsa Care Foundation (California, U.S.A.)

Khalsa Care Foundation, in Pacoima, California conducts drive-through meal services in partnership with the office of Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. This provides community members in need, the chance to get a hot vegetarian meal. They are also delivering meals to local hospitals, disability centers, and homeless shelters. Their regular food pantry is continuing to provide food to hundreds of families each week.

To donate to this effort, make a donation to our Sikhs Feed People Fund and mention that you would like your donation to go to the Khalsa Care Foundation.

Click Here to Learn More about the Khalsa Care Foundation 


8. Ong Langar (Chile)

The mission of Langar Chile is to serve blessed vegetarian food and Yogi Tea to all those in need. This inspiring team serves hot vegetarian food on a weekly basis to those who live in a street situation, and to anyone else who needs it.

Click Here to Learn More about Langar Chile


9. 3HO Seva Corps 

SEVA CORPS was envisioned at Khalsa Council and was born in April 2020 with the purpose of serving those who serve. Their motto is Serving Together. Through digital platforms they seek to value, nurture and inspire those in service through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and the legacy of Sikh Dharma in an elevated environment of listening and sharing. They also produce content about the path of service, giving relevance to ongoing SEVA PROJECTS and inspiring new projects.

Click Here to Learn More about SEVA CORPS


10. United Sikh Mission (California, U.S.A.) 

UNITED SIKH MISSION is a philanthropic charitable organization incorporated in Southern California, USA and also operating in Punjab, India since 2005 for the purposes of Human and Environmental Welfare. Their mission is to empower communities worldwide by addressing disparities in healthcare needs – eliminating preventable medial illnesses and taking the initiative to improve education in emerging and developing countries like India.

Click Here to Learn More about United Sikh Mission


11. SevaTruck (Washington D.C.)

SevaTruck is a nonprofit serving fresh, nutritious meals to local communities in need — using food trucks to offer mutual hope and inspire service to humanity.

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Click Here to Learn More about SevaTruck


12. Voice Community Kitchen (Sri Lanka) 

The Voice Community Kitchen is operating in six different locations across Sri Lanka, supporting 1,200 meals daily. Currently, about five million Sri Lankans require food assistance. According to recent surveys, 86% of households in Sri Lanka utilize at least one coping mechanism, such as limiting food intake or skipping meals. Because food prices have risen by more than 60% recently, food insecurity is a major challenge in Sri Lanka at present.

Click Here to Learn More and Donate Directly to Voice Community Kitchen 


13. Guru Ram Das Ashram (Los Angeles, California) 

Since the late 1980’s the Guru Ram Das Ashram Community has had a lunch langar program where food is served to neighbors and community members in need. The program has operated, sometimes daily, and more recently since COVID has operated periodically and once weekly. The program is an outward-facing service that familiarizes the multi-religious neighboring community with the Sikhs and Sikh values.

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Do you know of other Sikhs Feed People food programs currently operating in your community?

Please write to us at info@sikhdharma.org

Would you like to start a Food for Kids program at your local school? Click here for a guide to get started! 


Click here for a list of ideas to teach your children about Seva in action! 


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