Divine Music Celebrating Fathers


Guru Dass Singh traveled the world, teaching and sharing his music. He was a long-time Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer and one of Yogi Bhajan’s early students. He met Yogi Bhajan in 1971, at the age of 17.

Guru Dass was a passionate and heartfelt musician, who opened hearts and touched the souls of thousands of people around the world. His love and dedication to the teachings was such that, even while knowing he was in the last stages of cancer, he traveled to Bali to teach and inspire an international group of students.  He departed this earthly abode in 2017.

In honor of fathers everywhere and our spiritual father Guru Gobind Singh, please enjoy these beautiful songs written and sung by Guru Dass Singh.


Ode to Guru Gobind Singh: 

Song To My Son:


Visit this page on Sikhnet for more about Guru Dass and his music.

These songs can be found on the album Flowers in the Rain, available for purchase from Sat Nam Europe


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  1. Carol Atsave says:

    God Bless You Guru Dass Singh. Thank you for your lovely voice and beautiful music you have left us with. I never met or knew you, but I remember your beautiful voice as a wake up call during one solstice in New Mexico ,many years ago. I did not want to get up but rather float up to the eathers never to return. I now knew whose voice was behind that morning song. So clear, precise, floating over the tents up to heaven. I will order your album “Flowers in the Rain” as soon as I can financially afford it. God Bless you and thank you for the joy you brought to us all with your beautiful, clear, saintly voice. Carol Atsave

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