Giving is Godly


Siri Singh Sahib speaks on Giving and Prosperity. Lecture excerpts from June 12, 1994 in Espanola, NM


“Giving is Godly, give, give and give and keep on giving. Question comes, where should I give and why should I give? Is that person honest to whom I am giving? Then you start questioning the identity, the ideology and the inspiration for giving. You start questioning. Guru says:




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Rokh Ruhaan Kee Rozee Na Thaare

Even if God gets angry, He will never take away what He is to give to you.

(Written by Guru Gobind Singh in the Dasam Granth, page 81)

Not giving is ungodly and your question is all right. Where I should give? You don’t have to give. You will get it to give it, you will get it and all you have to do is give one tenth of the day, one tenth of the time, one tenth of the wealth, one tenth of the service and one tenth of your identity. Still you are permitted to keep ninety percent; but that ninety percent has a code of conduct and that code of conduct is, money will come to you, opportunities will come to you, grace will come to you, forgiveness will come to you. The only thing which you do not understand is that in this religion there is no place for guilt and being sorry, because guilt and sorry only gives you the power of forgiveness yourself, you can’t forgive anybody. You have to do three things in life; forgive yourself, forget the shadow of your past and count the blessing of the future as a gift. When you see everything as a gift, even the tragedy as a gift, you shall have no rift between you and God, that is Guru’s promise.”

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