Guru HarKrishan: Pure Compassion


There is simple example of the pure compassion that is born out of the innocence that comes naturally to a child. Guru Harikrishan was just such a child when he heard the news of a plague that was taking many lives in Delhi. He immediately requested to go there and upon his arrival insisted that he drink the water from one of the cities wells, knowing that it was impure and contained the spreading virus. He inevitably became sick and passed away within a few days. To the surprise of all soon after Guru Harikrishan passed away then all the people in Delhi started to heal and the water was found to be drinkable again.

The ultimate suffering is the sense of separation. Guru Harikrishan  was not busy with any separation between his self and the Divine. For him the notion of here and there, death or life, was a differentiation that he did not experience or need to concern himself with. Drinking from that poisonous well was actually drinking from the pool of heavenly nectar and a way to be ever closer to God.

It is important to note that the healing he offered was not exclusive to his own family or disciples, but rather inclusive of all regardless of differences of religion, caste and so on.

With his mind clear and clean there was no doubt or hesitation. Just an immediate empathy and readiness to be the channel for change.

This story may also remind us of Bhai Ghanaiya Singh who was found on the battle field giving water to the suffering and dying enemy. He did not see the enemy rather he just saw the need and he fulfilled it.

To reflect on the events of Guru Harikrishan’s departure from this world inevitably includes reflection on human suffering and our response to it. Without hesitation, immediate empathy to the suffering of others is a natural instinct and a sign of purity in our body/heart/mind. A quality we may associate with the innocence and purity of a child. People do suffer as a result of their own karma/actions, but not only. We are all part of a wider field and subject to forces of nature, man-made influences as well as collective karma.


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