Jaap Sahib

Siri Hari Singh recites his translation of Jaap Sahib in German

Sat Hari Singh from Germany shares his experience of how his translation of Jaap Sahib into German came to be:

This task was actually full of difficulties. The first difficulty was to gain a rudimentary understanding of Guru’s Divine wisdom. The next difficulty was to decipher it from wrong existing English (Christian) translations. The final difficulty was to find not only the graceful and right German wording for it, but also to put it in a form of Naad, that would honor Guru’s Gurbani.

So, I did not allow myself to finish a translation less than perfect according to my own consciousness.

That lead to a very slow progression of the translation.  (And the progress was also slow due to daily duties and human weaknesses)

What helped the progress was a true word to word translation into the English language from a Giani ji who deeply understood Guru’s wisdom and Guru’s sophisticated words of Gurbani and being able to find an appropriate English word for it.  (I guess that would be a blessing for all of us to bring the Divine Guru nearer to our heart and soul)

May Guru bless us all with the unveiling of His eternal words.

Sat Nam,

Sat Hari Singh

Gelesen und übersetzt von Sat Hari Singh Das Jaap Sahib von Guru Gobind Singh ist nicht nur ein universelles Gebet aus dem Herzen des Sikh Dharma. Wenn du es in seiner Originalsprache rezitierst, hat es auch die Kraft, dich mit purer Lebensenergie zu versorgen, die aus deinem Geist in alle Bereiche deines Seins strömt. Es schenkt dir Prana, nimmt dir Ängste und depressive Stimmungen. Im Deutschen öffnet sie dich für Bhakti, die tausendfältige Liebe zu den Millionen Aspekten des universellen Gottes.

Sat Nam,

Sat Hari Singh

Guru Ram Das Aquarian Academy

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