by SS Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa, Raasiku, Estonia (as shared in the Ministry 2024 First Quarter newsletter)

I’m sitting by the window at our MPA campus. The winter fog has draped the whole of Punjab, bringing a deep calm into the surroundings. Nevertheless, as we celebrate Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday, the air is charged with the vibrant energy of students doing Pantra—the rhythmic recitation of Jaap Sahib—and the captivating tales of the Guru’s extraordinary life. It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of Miri Piri that, despite only a few months since the school’s reopening, the flame of enthusiasm burns brighter than ever.

In this moment of reflection, gazing into the eyes of these young souls, one cannot ignore the undeniable spark—the Prana thunderbolt of the Khalsa spirit. While the children may not be fully aware of their transformation and grasp the depth of their connection, the discerning eyes of the adults bear witness to this sacred flame.

Contemplating the rich history of our Panth, one is awe-stricken by the thought of standing in the presence of Guru Hargobind, an 11-year-old who raised an army to combat tyranny and injustice, altering the course of history. Similarly, the luminosity carried by young Guru Harkrishan, shouldering the legacy of the Panth at the tender age of five, is a testament to the extraordinary responsibility bestowed upon the young.

The teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib resonate through time, urging us, as Ministers, to continue the mission of the Khalsa and share its beauty with the world. In a world where many are entrenched in survival mode, grappling with the challenges of each day, we stand privileged to transform obstacles into a Chardi Kala spirit.

As I turn my gaze to the thick fog outside as a metaphor of the unknown ahead, I am reminded of our commitment to the mission. Day by day, we inspire these children into stronger, more radiant beings—nurturing their character, self-sovereignty, and inner excellence.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s promise echoes in our hearts: “Jablag Khalsa rahe piaaraa. Tab lag tej deeo mai saaraa.” As long as the Khalsa retains its identity and stands in excellence, it shall receive the Guru’s radiant strength, turning every challenge into victory.

This is our responsibility as Ministers—to guide the youth of our community into becoming radiant beings capable of carrying the world into a new era. The strength of the Khalsa spirit is the foundation upon which we support the education of our children, ensuring that they grow into individuals who embody the values bestowed upon us.

Our duty, as articulated in the Sikh Dharma Ministry vows, is clear: “From today onward we will neither live with each other nor at each other, but honestly, before God and Guru we will live for each other.” As we carry the mission forward, we serve the younger generations with the same devotion, love and commitment that was once extended to us.

May the radiance of our young saints light the path for generations to come, ensuring the continued brilliance of the Khalsa spirit.

Featured Photo: SS Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa at an MPA weekend on Courage at Anandpur Sahib with children grades 7-9.

About the Author

SS Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa has served in the Baltics since 2004, when she was sent there by the Siri Singh Sahib to share the Teachings. She has done extensive work to build the community—through managing various yoga centers in Tallinn; building and running the Guru Ram Das Ashram in Estonia; and teaching in Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings worldwide.  In past years she served on the SDEI Board and is currently president of the European Khalsa Council. She supports Miri Piri Academy to continue inspiring younger generations.  In addition, she coordinates the Continuing Education programs for adults at MPA, including yearly yatras, women’s camps, teacher trainings and other in-depth courses in Amritsar and Anandpur Sahib.

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