Journey into the Heart of Amrit: Part 1

This article is courtesy of Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma and written by Gururaj Singh

Western society, in general view, doesn’t value or encourage us to make a commitment. There is a common quote that says today that “everything is relative.” Well, not everything is relative; there are things that are absolute, like the values ​​that bring us closer to our soul. These values ​​should not be negotiated in any situation, however challenging it may be. So for me, making a spiritual commitment is to commit myself to sustaining those values ​​in any situation, and not letting the situation define my behavior or who I am.

When I gave my head to the Guru, I vowed that from that moment on He would be the CEO of my life. I assume that there is a cosmic time much wider than historical time, and that I need to see life through this time and to cross the challenges from my spiritual identity. When this trust in God is so solidified in us, it is possible to feel the Amrit, the nectar of blessings, which is to live in deep surrender. He who created you is The One who takes care of you.

When I renounced my cultural identity to live in my spiritual identity, I assumed that all my habitual patterns with which I dealt with life previously no longer served me. It is a very difficult thing to make this transition – it is the work of a lifetime. But my commitment lies in every challenge, I am not afraid to transact with and cut with a sword the negativity, the selfishness, the lies – the slander, the desire to only serve whom I like. And to make me stay in this commitment, I need help from the sangat and from my spiritual discipline to create inner strength that makes me hold firm and remain always in my spirit.

The Siri Singh Sahib taught us that when we meditate and our mind transcends the finite and joins the Infinite, we experience a hormonal bath produced by our pineal gland, which he called Amrit. In this experience, I am in my true identity; my mind has fulfilled the mission of taking me to God and I feel that me and God are one.

Guru Gobind Singh knew the challenges that his Sikhs and all of us in the Age of Aquarius would face, and as a good spiritual teacher made his students move through the challenges they needed before time and space did. Siri Singh Sahib said that a spiritual teacher is always bad news, and what news can be worse than asking for your head? But times demanded and still require a tremendous sacrificial force so that we can sustain the values ​​of our soul.

I had never stopped to think about it, but the meanings of the names of the Panj Piare are qualities of God that will help us through the challenges of a spirit-held householder’s life. With no doubt, being merciful, righteous, courageous, strong and a master of yourself was essential to a dharmic life in 1699 and is still in the Age of Aquarius, and will always be when we are in Maya.

This was an assignment from the Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma tele-course.

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The course involves an investment of time leading up to each session. Short reading, experiential, and written assignments are given. In addition, between classes, you are invited to explore your relationship with the material with another participant in your section. Your assignments are sent to the facilitator before each class. Highlights from each person’s reflections are shared during the class for learning and feedback.

Also, all students choose seva projects to do during the course as an offering to integrate the learning to the living experience.

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  1. Seva Amrit Kaur says:

    Depoimento inspirador e esclarecedor para mim. Muito auspicioso e pertinente nesses meus momentos de mais profunda entrega e conexão com os ensinamentos e fundamentos do Sikh Dharma.

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