Khalsa Spiritual Nation Pledge of Allegiance

young boy smiling in front of adi shakti flag

I pledge allegiance to the sovereign Khalsa Spiritual Nation,

Which shall live to obey the will of God,

Serve humanity with love and peace,

And spread the radiance of the Holy Naam,

As given by Guru Nanak through Guru Gobind Singh,

And embodied in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib,

So that the children of the Khalsa,

And all their generations to follow,

May ever live in the Spiritual Sovereignty of Khalsa.

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  1. Bobby Gladney says:

    I am seeking knowledge of the Sikh and Sikhism as a whole despite being a Christian Mentalist. I have created a comic book character and he is based from India. Authenticity is my goal as well as innovation through imagination. Thank you for your time.

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