Mantra for Love: Sopurkh

This article is courtesy of 3H0, written by Ramdesh Kaur

There is nothing more powerful than the prayer of a woman, and I strongly believe that it is a responsibility and an honor for women to support their men in the process of union with the Divine.  Imagine the results for the men in our global community if each woman chose three men to recite Sopurkh for, even if only for 40 days. We could profoundly change our community, and then turn our hearts and prayers outward and profoundly change our world.  This is my personal story with Sopurkh, but I challenge all women who love the teachings of Kundalini Yoga to discover their own story with it.  Let’s band together as a flock of eagles and help lift the men in our lives to their highest destiny.

There is a beautiful practice in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga that involves the recitation of the mantra So Purkh or Sopurkh. Sopurkh was given by Guru Ram Das, the 4th guru of the Sikhs, to women as a way of helping them raise the vibration of the men in their lives. A woman can recite Sopurkh for a particular man in her life, such as her husband, to help him live up to his full potential; or she can recite it to attract her perfect mate if she has not met him yet. Sopurkh, if recited for a minimum of 11 times a day for 40 straight days, is said to manifest God in physical male form before the eyes of a woman.

I had been reciting Sopurkh for 39 days for the men in my life. It was a beautiful, healing process that I could feel was releasing my own karma around men. Many nights I had dreams where I met old boyfriends for tea and we had conversations about our present day lives and said goodbye. I could feel karma lifting and ties being cut. I could also see positive changes happening in the lives of the men for whom I was saying the prayer.

On the 40th day of my recitation, I happened to met the Dalai Lama. He came to Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh to speak and stayed in a room just down the hall from mine. He shook my hand and looked kindly into my eyes. Ladies and gentleman, Sopurkh works. God in male physical form was manifested in front of me on the 40th day. One week previously I had no idea that the Dalai Lama would be coming to Rishikesh, and on the 40th day of my meditation, I received the blessing of the one who many consider to be the holiest man alive.

I’m still reeling from the meeting. His energy was graceful and peaceful, self-confident and humble. I certainly can’t stop my meditation now—if that happens at day 40, what can happen at day 90 or even day 1,000?

A beautiful recording of Sopurkh was done by the lovely Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa (Sopurkh That Primal God). View the complete mantra on Mantra-pedia.

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