The Month of Assu:  September 15 to October 14


This is a blend from two shabads about the 12 months. One shabad is by Guru Nanak (page 1107) and the other by Guru Arjan (page 133).

We reach a turning point in the soul’s journey.

Grieving can feel, and be, deadly. This is because all grieving carries within it’s heart the ultimate grieving. A pain which is born out of the soul’s separation from, and longing for, the Beloved.
In Grieving the soul-bride may focus on the pain itself or on the, often silent, love that surrounds that pain.
When driven by the pain, and the wish to avoid it, she seeks refuge in the mental love of duality. And in that state she becomes deluded and consumed by falsehood.
Eventually, on the path of pain and self-pity,  all that is left to say is that old age and white hair creeps upon her and the Beloved seems to have abandoned her.

Yet there are moments when the conscious soul is overwhelmed by the Greater Love. Such a love is born from the intense desire for the sight of, and meeting with, Har/God.

In such moments the soul asks assistance from the Divine Mother as well as the saintly helpers; by touching their feet (words).

With the brightness of summer passing; winter is anticipated. As with the passing of age the mind gets shaky and wavering.
Thereforestation the soul bride does not want to merely wait and risk falling passively back into the duality of maya.

She has tasted, and felt the satisfaction that comes from the greater Divine love. Where all the branches of self, within and without, are flourishing; very green and alive. She knows that peace comes through this meeting with Prabh (the intimate nature of God). But she is also aware that it a slow and steady process. In the same way that the sweetest fruit is the one that ripens slowly.
It is clear now that the Guru has spoken the truth all along. So she recognises the Guru as her greatest advocate and friend who advises her to renounce her self-conceit and pray –

“God, please attach me to the hem of Your robe.”

The aspiration of the soul-bride is to never be separated again. Following the path of Naanak she abandons the false refuge of maya and instead enters the sanctuary of Har/God. And now:

”In (the month of) Asu, the Sovereign King (Har Rai),  grants Mercy, and they dwell in peace.”
Shiv Charan Singh


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