Mural of the Golden Temple


In 1980, before I became a Sikh, I did a painting I called “Happy Hour”. In the painting my Kundalini yoga teacher, Sat Nam Singh, was sitting, clothed, on a bench at a bus stop surrounded by several figures wearing only clown make-up and accessories. Though the figures were obviously nude, all significant anatomical parts were covered.  At the time I knew almost nothing of Sikhs, Sikhism, 3HO, or Yogi Bhajan; and except for being vegetarian I was not living a spiritual lifestyle. I showed that painting along with other pieces of my work, in an outdoor festival in Gainesville Florida.

A week or so after the art show Sat Nam Singh received a phone call from one of Yogi Bhajan’s secretaries who informed him that Yogi Ji would be facilitating a White Tantric Yoga Course in Atlanta and wanted Sat Nam Singh and myself to meet him there. We were picked up by two couples from Orlando who were all wearing full bana. I rode in the back seat of their large car, two Sikhs in front and one on either side of me and although there was very little conversation, the ride to Atlanta was an awesome experience: I felt as if I were someone important escorted by royalty.

I was not prepared for the Tantric and neither was I prepared for the verbal beating I received from The Master for making a painting of a Sikh man in the middle of an orgy! It was my first introduction to my spiritual teacher. I suggested that I send him a photo of the painting. I then asked for and received my spiritual name.

For the past 30 years (with the exception of 2013) I have painted the stage backdrop at Winter Solstice, sometimes with no more than just a few hours to get the job done; and since 2000 have designed and painted the 14’ x 40’ stage backdrop for Summer Solstice. Other Dharmic mural work can be seen on my website: and /alternative spaces.

By Harimandir Kaur

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