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The 1970’s to 90’s were very special for Sikh Dharma in Los Angeles. We had 3 residential Ashrams filled with families practicing the Kundaini Yoga and Sikh lifestyle. When Yogi ji was not traveling he gave 2 weekly lectures, a weekly yoga class, and a Sunday Gurdwara. People worked at Golden Temple Restaurant, Brass Bed Factory, GRD Enterprises, Sunshine Scented oils, & Golden Temple Foods.

Guru Ram Das Ashram, Los Angeles our first Yoga Center/ Gurdwara was the host for weekly Akhand Paths since 1973. Our Kundalini Yoga classes were crowned with the presence of the sound of the Shabad being sung minimum 72 hours every week. Around 1975 after my first son was born, I was given the distinction to be appointed Guru Granthi of Guru Ram Das Ashram. I was to manage the Akhand Paths, the weekly Gurdwara’s and teach. My phone rang all week long, and I knew every community member’s phone number from memory.

One day I had the luxury of a personal meeting with Siri Singh Sahib ji. Sitting at his feet, alone, was a rare moment. I recall his bellowing voice “Granthi ji, what do you want?”. And my trembling reply: “Sir I have a question:. “You?” raising his voice even more.

“You are Guru Granthi;  “There is nothing I can tell you. Go to the Guru. Everything you need to know is there”. Can you imagine my surprise? Yet it served as a confirmation and a directive for me. In my seva as Guru Granthi I began the study of how the Shabad Guru works.

Thus my study and practice of Gurbani Kirtan was strengthened. I started teaching classes to the children, Gurmukhi reading to the adults, and study of singing in Raag for me began.

Now decades have passed, and the landscape of our Dharma has shifted to Espanola. Yet my directive to teach and serve the Shabad Guru continues. Siri Singh Sahib’s sent me to New York to develop the service & training of Sikhee in our Kundalini Yoga Communities.

In October 2013 Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan was founded to share experience and training of people to use the wisdom of the Guru to guide their lives as it has guided mine. The webinar format enables the teachings to reach people where ever they are in the world.

Please visit us at to register ask questions and find out more about our webinars.


DP, Venezuela 5/15

“What a wonderful opportunity to know the story behind the mantras & Shabds. It was an amazing tool for me to understand the different sounds & improve my pronunciation. Class flowed like a bedtime story or a journey through time to connect with the origins of this sacred technology.”

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