Poem Celebrating the 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Artist – G.S. Sohan Singh

This poem was written by Ciara (Jaikar) McElroy in honor of the 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

This great celebration for Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Serves as a reminder of our respect and love for thee.

Five hundred and fifty years ago the start

Teaching humility and devotion with an open heart.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji inspired the Khalsa

In their crusade against the Mughal tyrants.

Heralding a new era of social equality to all

His worldly insights, so relevant, many years on.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikh Dharma

An ocean of guidance to end all karma.

The poetry, the vibration, in the Guru Granth Sahib

Its meaning, its depth, so very powerful indeed.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji has given his teachings to the masses

Opening the door to the lowest social classes.

A tool to explore our true depth within

Not lost and lonely but trusting therein.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught oneness of God

Creating the Mul Mantra to align and embrace all.

Draw strength from the Guru’s abundant humility

Be a beacon of light in uplifting humanity.

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