Gurutej Singh Publishes the Novel ‘Rajni’

In 2014, Gurutej Singh Khalsa published the historical novel ‘Rajni’.  Akal Purkh, the solitary and eternal personality of the cosmos, narrates the story.

Since eternity there is only Me. My vastness is profound, My peacefulness is absolute, but My loneliness incomprehensible. I have no peer, I have no mother or father, and I cannot create another Me . . .  Since I am all that there is, I am complete and whole, but the experience of such solitude gave me the sense that there must be more to Me than I understood.

So to ease My loneliness, I formed this creation to experience My completeness. No one has My perspective, but many (and Oh Me, how tedious they are) think they know Me and have the audacity to tell people that they speak for Me . . .

Just as it is not possible for anyone to conceive of or to understand the extent of My loneliness, neither can they grasp the depth and absoluteness of My love. That is why I created everything. I enjoyed it and made sure that all that I created was interdependent and interactive, so that no one thing should ever know this eternal solitude. You know the expression “it’s lonely at the top”? You have no idea.

For more than thirty-six Ages I sat alone in My ecstasy. In the choral harmonic reverberation of My silence I meditated on Myself, locked in a profound trance deeper than death, absolute as love, and eternal as space. Still as the night, I never stirred. Silent as the sky, I uttered no sound. I reached and stretched, I contracted and inverted, but found no beginning and no end.

Then I understood that I am all that there is, all that shall be, all that has ever been. Can you believe it? That was a painful realization.

Then, I announced to Myself, “I’m bored.” Needless to say, that was an understatement. And in that twinkling, with no malicious forethought, I created cause and effect.

What few understand is the incalculable, infinite vastness of My mind: of Me as the Totality, which means that the individual simply does not have the capacity to understand it all. It amuses Me, however, when people believe they do understand. People would do much better to experience My love, My vastness, and My wisdom, rather than try to understand it. One is achievable; the other isn’t. I created humanity so that I could experience Myself . . .

The Novel ‘Rajni’ by Gurutej Singh Khalsa Can Be Purchased through Amazon


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