Reflections on the Thirty Sixth Paurī from JapJī Sāhib by Gurū Nānak

“The thirty-sixth Paurī brings divine realization.  It grants complete understanding of the Heavens and the Earth.”

~ from the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan (1)

Reflections on the 36th Pauree from S.S.S Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa:

The key to understanding the Sirī Gurū Granth Sāhib is found in Jap Jī Sahib, with the Mūl Mantra being the key to Jap Jī.  In the 35th, 36th and 37th Paurīs at the end of Jap Jī, Gurū Nānak gives humanity an understanding of the realms of consciousness.  These realms or ‘Khanḏs’ offer us clarity toward understanding the evolution of consciousness through the development of our faith.


Gi-ān Khanḏ: Realm of Wisdom and Knowledge

So many winds, waters, fires, Krishnas and Shivas.  So many Brahmas fashioning forms of great beauty, adorned and dressed in many colors, so many the worlds and lands working out karma.  So very many lessons to be learned.  So many Indras, moons and suns, worlds and lands.  So many Siddhas, Buddhas, Yogic masters, Goddesses, demi-gods and demons, silent sages, oceans of jewels. So many the ways of life, languages, dynasties of rulers, intuitive people, selfless servants.  Nānak there is no limit.  In this realm of wisdom spiritual wisdom reigns supreme.  The sound current of the Naad vibrates there, with sound and sights of bliss. 

In this realm, Gurū Nānak tells us that our spiritual growth, the development of wisdom and knowledge, will be a result of working out our Karma.

An entire world of challenges exists to support our spiritual growth, test our character and develop our faith. Each soul level lesson plan offers us a limitless supply of experiences from which we can learn as we journey through life.

Each chapter of life has been designed for our spiritual growth.  So many possibilities lie before us. Gurū Nānak instructs us to vibrate the Cosmos with the sound current, and live in the bliss of our oneness with the divine.


Saram Khanḏ: Realm of Humility (the Word is Beauty)

Forms of beauty are fashioned there, they cannot be described, those who try to speak shall regret, Intuitive consciousness, intellect and understanding of mind are shared here.  The consciousness of spiritual warriors and Siddhas, beings of spiritual perfection are shaped here.

In this realm, humility before God is the beauty. Faith here is reflected in the wisdom of the heart with intuitive knowing. Faith takes us beyond the logic of the mind, intellect or even human understanding.

In this realm we recognize with humility that our Divine Purpose is constantly unfolding as we humbly shape our future with our words, thoughts and actions.

We master our Faith when we recognize God is the Doer, and with this humility of understanding we become conscious that we can only serve as we are divinely guided. All outcomes are God’s.

To say otherwise would cause regret. In oneness with God we share the spirit to walk in life as spiritual warriors and Siddhas.  Spiritual perfection is shaped by God, and shared with us within a beautiful process that cannot be described, only understood through a practice of faith and humility to live in oneness with God.



(1) Yogi Bhajan, The Aquarian Teacher, 80

*This article was originally shared in a 40-Day Japji Sadhana hosted by Sikh Dharma International in partnership with other legacy organizations.

Sardarni Guru Amrit KaurS.S.S. Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa

Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa holds the office of the Siri Sikdar Sahiba of Sikh Dharma and serves to support those walking onto a path of Sikh Dharma by promoting a high quality of spiritual practice. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Religions and became a Minister of Sikh Dharma in 1977. She served on the Siri Singh Sahib’s staff from 1974 until his passing, when he bestowed upon her the role of Siri Sikdar Sahiba (Chief Spiritual Minister).

Sardarni GuruAmrit Kaur has dedicated her life toward serving and developing Dharma through expanding the work of our nonprofits and spreading the light of the Shabad Guru.

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