Rise Above the Hurdles

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I have seen lately in my own life that prosperity is allowed to manifest itself, if only I will center my attention on knowing that it is possible. I read somewhere recently of an interesting situation: for a long time it was believed totally impossible to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. Then one year a man broke that record, by running the mile in 3:59.04 seconds. The miracle is that in the year after -twelve more people matched his time – because they now believed it was possible.

This, for me, is the essence of rising above any hurdle we may find on any path in life. Whatever is between us and our prosperity of finances, health, and circumstances, we can triumph over it by knowing that it is possible to overcome, to step over, to rise above. I don’t assume this is easy or simple, but I do believe it is possible.

There are many tools we can use. Meditation is one way that allows us to overcome the hurdles our brain puts up for us (“I can’t”) by allowing us to focus on the vastness of God, instead of focusing on the limits of our perceptions of our bodies, our minds, or our lives. Tithing is another excellent way. Our brain puts up its usual fight (“I can’t afford it”, “I already give in other ways”, etc.) but instead we focus on the vastness of God’s bounty and it becomes possible to give because we know it will come back to us.

Whatever tool we choose, the exercise can be invigorating, enlivening, and totally worth the effort. One hurdle risen above gives us unlimited inspiration to rise above any others that might exist now or in the future. There are many tools – sadhana, events, 40-day, 90-day, 1000-day meditations, White Tantric Yoga courses, are a few. Tithing is our particular tool of choice in the area of prosperity because it challenges us, and because our prosperity can be so pivotal to so many other areas of our life.

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