Riverside Gurdwara and United Sikh Mission Provide Groceries, Meals and Masks during COVID

Several weeks after social distancing guidelines were put in effect, the Riverside Gurdwara community began providing hot to-go meals, masks and groceries to community members. Now Riverside Gurdwara and the United Sikh Mission have been providing 1,400 vegetarian to-go meals with drive-through meal service every day. They continue to provide free masks, and free groceries on the weekends. They also deliver meals to local hospitals and seniors.


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About Riverside Gurdwara

Riverside Gurdwara, also known as Sikh Temple Riverside, is located 55 miles east of Los Angeles. Throughout the year Riverside Gurdwara has many events that unite the Sikh community. During these events the future generation of Sikh communities showcase there skill in various aspects of Sikh life.

Visit their website to learn more – http://www.riversidegurdwara.com


About United Sikh Mission

United Sikh Mission is a philanthropic charitable organization incorporated in Southern California, U.S.A. and also operating in Punjab, India since 2005 for the purposes of human and environmental welfare.

Visit their website to learn more – https://unitedsikhmission.org


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  1. I stay in Redlands.Can I get a ride to your Gurudwar? I do not drive. I am 79 year old lady by myself. I need groceries and food. If you can provide God will bless you.

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