Camp Miri Piri is a celebration and a dedication to Guru Hargobind, the sixth Sikh Guru who started the warrior tradition in Sikhism. He wore two swords calling them ‘Miri’ and ‘Piri’.   These swords represented the balance between spiritual and worldly powers. This concept of the warrior-saint has permeated the Sikh philosophy and lifestyle ever since.

The goal of Camp Miri Piri is to challenge you to connect to your soul.  We recite morning Banis, do group Sadhana, engage in physical training, listen to Sikh stories, meditate, practice gatka and participate in discussion groups. You will gain an in depth experience of Sikh values by balancing the mind, body and spirit through the practice of gurbani kirtan, kundalini yoga, meditation and warrior workouts, as well as classes to build healthy relationships.

Two Camp Miri Piri experiences are currently available:

October 15-19, 2018 at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India

Join the students of Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India.  Immerse yourself in the Spiritual Warrior experience and feel your spirit ignite.  This is the first time the Sangat is being invited to join the MPA students.  Don’t miss out! (open to adults 17+ and older).

June 7-11, 2019 at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in Espanola, NM, USA

Join us in the midst of the mountains and blue skies of New Mexico where you and your family will have a chance to take a deep journey within to experience the identity of the Spiritual Warrior.  (open to adults 18+ and older, but children are welcome to attend with their parents).


Note:  These camps are for adults, however, children are welcome and attend free if accompanied by a parent.

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