Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan Lecture on Love


SSS Lecture on Love. July 15, 1988 Espanola, New Mexico

Niranjan is going to read you what we collected in almost year and half or something like that, yeah.

Niranjan: For instance, love is someone you can’t wait to see, love is waiting for her to come by, love is watching her while she sleeps, love is getting up to investigate the noise she heard, love is a hotbed enough for two, love is finding the right words at the right time, love is remembering in detail what she wore, love is knowing she wore it especially for you, love is scratching her back when she can’t reach the itch, love is passing her the binoculars at the races, love is asking her what she wants for Christmas, love is remembering what the weather forecast said, love is losing your concentration after her phone call.

(Students’ laughter)

Love is getting the old feeling when he calls. Love is a bouquet without a note, love is bringing her a plant for her garden.

YB: Yeah.

Niranjan: Love is not jumping to the wrong conclusions, love is calling a truce, love is calmly discussing your differences, love is for giving her again, love is making her tasty TV snack, love is not buying him the tie of your choice, love is letting her run her fingers through your just combed hair, love is using a cologne she fancies, love is learning to relax, love is trying a (?) together, love is having each other, love is a touch at the spring time, love is calmly discussing your differences, love is trying to see the other point of view, love is patching up a quarrel, love is the way back, love is not being tempted to open her mail, love is taking care when you borrow her car, love is indulging his weakness, love is putting her in the picture, love is creating happiness, love is planning her holiday early, love is someone who is also your best friend, love is not being too idealistic, love is sneaking off to your hideaway cottage, love is looking for achieving start together, love is turning the lights down low, love is (?) but nice, love is inviting him on your business trip, love is getting away from it all together, love is helping him (?), love is mushroom picking time, love is doing the washing, love is wearing thermal she bought, love is removing her hairs from the basin, love is keeping him company at the laundry (?), love is deserving each other, love is ours, love is what you may get, love is your dream come true, love is waiting for her even in that weather, love is not bringing all your (?) endurance, love is a lazy day on the river, love is something that takes you by surprise, love is getting married or nothing, love is a (?) of emotion, love is dieting together, love is a direct, love is reading her poetry by moonlight, love is carrying another slice of pie, love is turning off your soap opera if (?) falls asleep, love is a surprise nonsense gift, love is sometimes expensive, love is sometimes a puzzle, love is believing history about the big one that (?) way, love is (?) fish before giving it to her to cook, love is a traditional Christmas, love is getting just what you want for Christmas, love is Christmas at home, love is resting chestnuts on open fire, love is a feeling of togetherness, love is not without its pitfalls, love is an eating (?) together, love is doing the washing, love is getting decorated, love is asking for another cup of his offer coffee, love is not blowing on your hot soup, love is doing things for her, love is hanging her first picture, love is being considerate, love is seeing her presence, love is someone to bless you whenever you seems, love is someone who adores you, love is for all seasons, love is crawling up in front of the fire in winter, love is showing him the way, love is knowing he is there, love is when you see your man, love is when your heart sings to your goods during a quarrel, love is no one quiet like you, love is being her wanted only valentine, love is having a man (?) the house, love is someone to protect you, love is working for one another not against one another, love is you and the night and the music, love is a very special dinner, love is when your heart skips a beat, love is planting in (?) garden for her, love is paying a cup of a wallflowers, love is going (?) washing with him, love is having fun together, love is at certain smile, love is seeing things eye to eye, love is free, love is to in the win, love is when she raises her temperature, love is cleaning up his glasses, love is like lightening striking, love is the ultimate experience, love is not only being and prosperous, love is calming her down when she is (?), love is not a guarantee of happiness, love is starting allover again, love is meditating with him in mind, love is imagining, love is when he is the man of your dreams, love is what I (?) taking about, love is when you start being the good (?) girl, love is just a memory, love is feeling lonely when it is dinner for one, love is counting the days without him, love is knowing that (?) is not yet (?), love is always being her prince charming.

YB: There is a one stet there.

(Students’ laughter)

Niranjan: Love is the (?), love is natural no additives, no preservative, no artificial coloring, love is feeling (?), love is varying when he plays polo, love is playing Anthony to her Cleopatra, love is when girl meets boy, love is a tender word, love is not asking her to get out and push, love is knowing when to call a cease-fire, love is doing the things he likes, love is not asking her to get out, love is scentencing him scent, love is taking the initiative, love is making him part of your future, love is breakfast in bed on Saturday, love is in (?), love is encouraging him to sleep in on Saturdays, love is a big heart, love is letting him know that is (?), love is not (?) in like a heavy weight, love is gliding up time, love is thinking of him, love is working at your relationship from every angle, love is simple arithmetic, love is what chases away the dark clouds, love is where the fortune, love is a pain of parting, love is keeping your prime time for each other, love is keeping him occupied, love is reassuring, love is getting (?) for your vacation, love is rewarding, love is a Caribbean cruise together, love is a touch of class, love is when the party is for you, love is just that time called, love is never falling asleep without a good night kiss, love is shading her eyes from the sun, love is tiny a bright, love is facing up to a crisis, love is not for sale, love is our secret, love is falling (?) in singer, love is sometimes a prison, love is not letting him become a workaholic, love is bewildering, love is what brings you together again, love is what exercises your emotions, love is when he is your (?), love is more than a lovely inter living, love is getting a five-star treatment, love is worth a million, love is not running up huge bills on his credit card, love is building her a (?) arch, love is knowing she prefers her fish for (?), love is being the right person, love is coming home after a serious operation, love is rubbing noses, love is a great pick me up, love is getting married or nothing, love is taking up long walk down the (?), love is (?) around, love is making everyday like valentines day, love is a tender flower, love is having someone worth caring about, love is bringing her (?), love is better late than never, love is giving her the deep praise, love is a kiss before breakfast, love is not trampling allover his feelings, love is waiting up when he is working overtime, love is needing you, love is not having second thoughts, love is feeling hot into a relationship, love is a merry-go-round, love is never out of fashion, love is not to be taking casually, love is choosing the right (?) together, love is when the outlook is definitely bright, love is all yours, love is getting up late on Saturday morning, love is patching things up, love is catching him napping, love is supper by candlelight, love is a warm love, love is like the air you breathe necessary, love is sharing your wrinkle (?) cream, love is just you and me, love is putting up with his singing in the bathroom, love is a phone call on Christmas day, love is a sometimes a tug of war, love is eating Chinese when you prefer Italian,

(Students’ laughter)

Love is knowing your inner self, love is (?) a kiss over your (?), love is knowing you are in safe hands, love is a (?), love is a tender word, love is the shortest distance between two hearts, love is willing to you, love is being her (?) when she is learning judo, love is getting closer, love is an investment with daily interest, love is a kiss that says everything, love is a surprise (?) gift, love is following when you are (?), love is teasing, love is when it’s you I want, love is looking at your scrapbook, love is being (?) seductive, love is getting onto the right (?), love is when time directs on your own, love is a dream (?), love is a fine romance, love is a (?).

YB: I think we have missed a lot but we tried to collect as many as we could. The idea was to let you know the description of something and they make a cartoon with it, actually love is everything which comes from nothing. It, it is nothing which gives everything. Love is an experience of oneself within oneself, that’s how love is but I just wanted to give you a western version.

God is called Narayan and his wife is Laxmi, and he is pictured to be sleeping in a big boat of Shesh Nag who has heads, and the Narayan sleeps and Laxmi sit by and music of life goes on, that’s how the picture is, and if that is true we have to understand basically the prosperity is the female, but the man takes a female from the prosperity as a definition and changes into a property. Love is not to let a man change from prosperity concept to a property concept. Do you understand where I am coming from? How to avoid it? It can be only avoided if you being the Laxmi, being the wealth, being the money, don’t put him on spot on money matters, men cannot handle money when it is discussed by a person who has the legal, social, authentic and moral right to spend it as she wants it, do you understand that, no.

Students: No sir.

YB: Let me put it in a different way. Woman is the wealth of the man and normally man is always afraid that she is going to go away, on a very subtle concept there is a wealth called money in the house, or in the bank, or anything, when you spend that in any way, form and shape, in which he is not hundred percent consulted, agreed to, and all that, you understand what I mean, net result comes. It is not the dollar amount we are talking about, to his subconscious you are going away, and men are very dumb creatures, they are not very sophisticated like you, dumbest woman can make a distinction intelligently than a man, God gave you that intelligence because He wanted you to be a mother, and man doesn’t have to be a mother, so he has a practical intelligence whereas women has a very sophisticated intelligence, but you know sophistication sometime becomes your own enemy, that’s why you think too much. But to the concept of the psychology of a man when women spends money, maybe you are spending money, buy him the suit it doesn’t matter, but to him is go away. Men are not afraid that you betray them, men are not afraid you lie to them, men are not afraid you cheat them, men are not afraid that you kill them, men are not afraid you steal them, steal everything, man is not afraid from woman of anything he is only afraid of one thing that you don’t go away. It is not the physical distance which he is worried about, it is the mental distance which man cannot stand. Everything about women is tolerable, acceptable, if there is no mental distance in the definite intelligence of a man to the woman he loves.

Physical distance I can tell you there is a case where once we lost a person in a border patrol, declared missing, declared dead. The woman always felt he is alive, eighteen years later he showed up and she was right and everything else was wrong. I definitely remember, we ask her, “What is that you are telling that he is alive?”

She said, “With each beat of the heart I get a Morse code.”

What the thing they call?

Student: (—).

YB: Morse code’s message, “I am alive, I am alive, I am alive, I am alive,” and if we say, “He is alive this is a modern world somewhere he can reach, call, get help, this and that.”

She said, “May be possible, may not be possible.”

So out of curiosity I went to see the guy and I said, “Tell me privately what happened.”

And he said he flipped, he lost his memory, he lost who he is, he lost what it is.

And I said, “Well how, how you woke up?”

He said, “That is also a mystery; one day I just was standing in a great place and I just ask myself where am I and then I started looking around and walking around, and asking, and speaking, and talking.” He was way, way in the valleys of Tibet where he roamed around, lived there, stayed there, ate, became a part of the whole thing, but totally unconscious of his reality.

And when he woke up he very sneakingly learned as he was trained to learn, to behave and act, he walked back. With all things at our disposal we knew it that he is dead, there was no reason to believe otherwise, even so much so one such party produced a human skeleton which was verified and certified it is his, but when she was given that report she said, “No, he is alive and he will come, I know him, I know him.” We all decided she is a mental situation and there is no way we can just even communicate with her. But we were so foolish we did not recognize for her there is no distance, her behavior was so in pattern with the situation that she could feel that he is eating, he is not eating, and once she reported that he is very sick, except that woman is in shock and her husband is died and she is not in a position to relate to a reality and we all have to cater to her saying, yeah, yeah, yeah, must be, he must, he must be sick, what else you can do, but whatever she ever reported and felt was all true.

So she female in a ordinary dumbest state of mind has an intuition which she never uses for her greatness but she become belittle with it, that is the one tragedy woman has. Women is great minus her belittlement. When a woman belittles herself her intuition which is otherwise a gift becomes her tragedy. Smallness against vastness, why woman has been given this vastness of intuitive self by God? Because God understands that she is going to be a mother tomorrow and she has to carry a innocent life from absolute innocence to her excelled excellence. And this concept of the mother is a natural phenomena in which God gives her a expanded vision. You will be shocked to know I do not know what to say about it because I have never dreamed in my life so if I say I have a dream and what dream is it, it will be a silly idea because I don’t know what it is. Because my subconscious is never filled with anything so I meditate and I empty it everyday and I am very update on it, so when you have that kind of state of mind you don’t dream. But once a while just to experience once a while, Bibiji dreams and she says, “I have a dream.”

I said, “Wait a minute oh God.”

(Students’ laughter)

Because that can be exactly what happen or going to happen, one day she told me I have a dream, I said, “What is it?”

She said, “You know prime minister Indira Gandhi.”

I said, “What’s wrong with her?”

She said, “She came to me and she said, “Well I do not know where to go so I visited you.”

And I said, “Well come on, be free, have a good time, I gave her a cup of tea and she was very relaxed.”

I said, “No it is a matter of interpretation she came to get a tea, cup of tea from you.” I said, “Wait a minute, there is a election going on, she came to have cup of tea and she told you she doesn’t know where to go.”

She said, “That is true.”

I said, “She is going to lose it.”

She lost the election. And two and a half year later she said, “I saw her telling me hello, hello, hello, but she didn’t stop.”

I said, “Now she is going to win it.”

(Students’ laughter)

Sometime subconscious produces the contact dream of spacelessness and through which it can look at the space. In-between the saga it is not possible to interpret it right, exactly that the psychics do. Psychics do not get the vision of a intuitiveness, they get the symbols and then through their experience they let you know what they say, majority of the time it is not right because interpretation is personal. Interpretation….

Students: Is personal.

YB: Exactly you will find, exactly when I came in United States there was a tremendous amount of animosity to Kundalini Yoga. And even now those of you who practice Kundalini Yoga if you go and ask a master, or a teacher, or anybody about Kundalini Yoga he is going to tell you it is dangerous, don’t practice it because the first term of Kundalini Yoga is we don’t initiate anybody, person is self-initiated.

Number two, is produces the masters and not the students, it produces the teacher.

Number three, it gives you your own self intuition, you seldom need just once a while a guidance, it is not total dependency.

And thirdly your Kundalini Yoga is what makes you to be you as you should be or you originally is destined to be. If we call it yoga of destiny it shall be not very wrong. A leader is one who leads you to life, not controls you, not guide you, and not serve you. In the world at large, in the religious world you have to go to a man to get initiated and you surrender yourself, I surrendered you as my master, and I am your slave, help me to be, but in Kundalini Yoga you surrendered to the master and you have surrendered yourself and promise to become a master, do you understand the difference. Here the surrender is to become the master, there surrender is to become the student, you understand the difference and the real threat is, real threat is that if everybody becomes a master how they will run their shop.

Religion is nothing but a money game, religion does not teach you to be you, religion teach you that you can become better than you, idiots if you can better than you, you cannot handle you. God made you, you alone, more than that is undesirable, less than that is undesirable, do you understand that. If somebody promise you that he is going to make best out of you, it only means the best is in you which has not yet come out, you follow. Nobody can give you anything more than what you really are, question is some part of you, you have not discovered and with a expert help that can be discovered. But you ever have been believe to imagine that you will become better than you, luckier than you, prosper than you, these are all selling points. Things are sold to you against cash.

I was one day very mad at somebody, she said, “I went to this seminar by….”

I said, “What do you got out of it?”


I said, “You know what you got out of it, you have come back four hundred fifty dollars poor, that’s all.”

You know what was the answer was, “Sir you are not well these days.”

I said, “I am not well these days but I have dig a well it gives lot of water you should drink that.”

People wants gimmick, people wants help, people wants somebody to give them something, they do not understand they have everything in them, simply they have to go in and get it out, self-initiation, and self-realization in a woman is nothing but woman is a living prosperity which she messes up because of her belittlement. Woman has no problem, her success is guaranteed, her excellence is assured, her situation because she is sixteen times more intuitive than the man and this was given to her at the time of her very conception because her manifestation is to carry another human being not once may be sometime six children, eight children.

So the preparation of a woman is a segment in the biological magnetic field has intuitive censorship in it, it is in it, much, much sophisticated than that of the male, but also with that there is a tragedy that her belittlement can deprive her, her anger can destroy her, her what you call it unsophisticatedness can come out of her because she is mad at herself, or she no good syndrome which is very common with women, oh no good. If you are no good, who told you? Nobody. You know this no good syndrome is so fantastically catch twenty-two I am no good, who told you? Nobody, when nobody told you why you say you are no good. I am no good because I say it. This no good syndrome in a woman is found very often because they feel not good to take responsibility, they are not irresponsible, but in a woman there is a moon situation, they want to be catered to, that is the trap.

The life of a woman if you want to see and her pain you want to understand you can see it very well and it is just imagine a rod having a string, and in the end having a hook, on the hook there is a some food, it is in the water, fish comes, goes around it two, three times, smells it, touches it, if fish start eating it little by little she will found the hook there but fish doesn’t do that it grabs it, you understand, it…Students: Grabs it.

YB: Grabs it and by grabbing it, it gets the hook in the mouth somewhere and then she wants to runaway from the hook, hook is in herself now, she can’t runaway, it gives the signal to the man outside and he start rolling the string, what do you see? A live fish in the air hassling for a breath, for life. Finally when she is taken off the hook she is almost three-fourth dead. A woman who does not use inductive method and deductive method you must induce situation to prove what you have deduced from circumstances and then come to a judgement. Minus that, female is just nothing but a living pain on that string. You must deduce what comes to you from the behavior of the magnetic field and then you must induce the counter effect of it to find it out what is true, once you have this method you can always make mess into a massive joy. You can change tragedy into prosperity. You have a natural stamina for it, there is nothing a woman has to be taught, woman and richness goes from the very concept of God and the God’s creation, there are no two opinions about it, then why woman is not prosperous.

There is only one fault which every woman does and that is when the fish grabs opens the mouth and go and get it, if that fish can just sit and go around and induce it to see what it is and deduce it little by little by eating little by little of it very smartly and smilingly in few grabs she is going to find out there is some black thing turned and that hook is there for her. Hooker is not that who is a prostitute, hooker actually is that who puts her grace on the line for a grab.

Woman is not the problem in the world, and woman is not the problem to herself, woman is what can create God, even God have to appear on the earth the (?) the woman, what is the way for God, how can that go wrong, except one thing, for her belittlement at the moment in patience and she grabs things, any woman who like to grab an opportunity, grab a man, grab a situation is asking for nothing but trouble.

Therefore a intelligent woman which is a intuitive woman must be a very attached person and she has to be attach her own self respect, you cannot allow your self respect to be bartered for even God because God if has to come through He has to use you, ask your price. Your ladies problem is not you, your problem is your impulsiveness. You remember you used to have a teacher called YogiBhajan, remember him?

In nineteen hundred BC he said something, patience pays, remember that popular saying, say it.

Students: Patience pays.

YB: Say it again.

Students: Patience pays.

YB: Just say it again.

Students: Patience pays.

YB: Raise your hands how many people believe it and act on it. Are you all in trouble? Now tell me honestly do you believe it all the time and practice it, or once a while.

Students: (—).

YB: And that is your problem. Woman has only one thing to do, there is a one God and one woman, the way of God, and one way to prosperity-patience. What is a patience? Kindness, compassion, and tolerance when this trinity of three get mixed up in a blender it makes a juice called patience. What are three ingredients?Students: Kindness, compassion, and tolerance.

YB: Say, I didn’t hear it, you are so many.

Students: Kindness, compassion, and tolerance.

YB: Now say it that you can hear it.

Students: Kindness, compassion, and tolerance.

YB: What to do with it?

Student: (—).

YB: Blend it together and then drink it, what is the name of the drink?

Student: Patience.

YB: If you don’t drink patience everyday you will become a patient in a hospital. Take it or leave it, do you understand that, yes or no.

Student: Yes sir.

YB: Then why don’t you practice? Listen if you ever swallow a hot potato it is going to burn your mouth right, is that true.

Students: Yes sir.

YB: So, when a woman acts with extreme patience she is rewarded hundred time more than what actually she should be rewarded. Patience is the greatest safeguard, virtue, and strength of the woman. And patience also means when she is hit with tragedy she should then also be patient to face it. In American slang they say, “Take your time ladies, take your time.” Take your time, don’t hurry and mess it up because the problem is you are dealing with a man who has a very short-circuit magnetic field in the neurons in the brain, do you know that.

Student: (—).

YB: Woman’s pituitary is way, way stronger because the pineal give a corrective message along with the message. The pineal in a female act different because she has a double arc line, one is the automated radiation message which the pineal give to the neurons in the brain message service system, one is active which is in a male too, why God put it there? Because her future prospective to be a mother, she has been given some additional capacities as a human being over a….

Student: Male.

YB: Over a male, you got to use that, but you refuse it, you all try to become males and if you fail to become a male you become a tomboy, you know what is tomboy? Half female, half male and tragedy is as a woman you are just transvestite, you are male inside, because you are angry, and stupidly angry at yourself and then you dress up as a pretty woman, for what?

So please understand, your greatest art of life to win the world is to move gracefully with utmost patience, tolerance, kindness, compassion, because remember, mother is not which delivers a baby, mother is which delivers the universe, it is not a tall order, God has given woman all the faculties that she can deliver the universe and a prosperous one, she is not born to suffer. But in her belittlement everything goes wrong. If you understand what I am saying then you understand how to act. There are certain salient features which you have to believe one is, never react on the spot, never….

Students: React on the spot.

YB: Ask the other person to put, he should put himself or herself in your position and give the opinion. It is called changing places for sake of learning the opinion, it is a act you have to perform, one is…

Students: Never react on the spot.

YB: Second is….

Students: Ask the other person to put, he should put himself or herself in your position and give the opinion.

YB: And third is discuss the solution, don’t grab it and don’t force it, don’t…

Students: Grab it and don’t force it.

YB: Don’t force it. Women who will follow this Performa of action can never lose. It is not when a woman lose is a loss of a woman, it is a loss of a family and a future, loss of a woman is terrible loss, because once a woman act as depressed it effects the entire environment because woman doesn’t represent as a individual, she also represent Prakriti, the creative environments of the universe, creative environments….

Students: Of the universe.

YB: Therefore don’t act ever individually, don’t act…

Student: Ever individually.

YB: Act as the caretaker of the family. If you ever want to succeed with a man or a family life you choose to live or otherwise or even you are single and you are in environments where you want to be successful make a man feel he is a head of the family and make yourself as a container of the family, nothing can go wrong. Men don’t want to work at home, do you know their nature? Asking a man to give you a glass of water is asking a camel to bring Himalaya to United States.

(Students’ laughter)

You understand the aggravation? If you send a camel to India tell him load the whole Himalaya and bring it over here that may be possible but asking a man to give me a glass of water at home forget it. Even those men whose job is to serve water in the office, if a man has a job to just work in a company and give every worker water on the work, even his wife ask him, “Give me a glass of water,” she is asking for a trouble, why? The entire workability man wants to be compensated at home and acknowledgingly, this men are crazy, they have a set procedure of life and whether you have a graduate man, or a master of Ph.D., or nothing, or he is good for nothing, he is a lemon, or he is macho, all faculties you can put together, one thing you must understand man wants his home to be his kingdom and he wants you to provide it, you shall be dumb if you do not create kingdom at least imaginary if not real. Every woman has a intuition and she can create a hypnotic sense, create that hypnotic sense around him so he may not be in a position to wake up and see his own pain, when a man sees, feels, or understand his own pain, his anger is next to grab you, you are the first victim, you understand that, so create a hypnotic sense, otherwise create a happy theme, if you cannot make through a hypnotic sense create a….

Students: Happy theme.

YB: Happy theme, or involve in a healthy activity. This is not to give you anything, this is only to save your skin. Any individual how rich he is and how poor he is, how great he is, and healthy, unhealthy whatever he is, moment a man wake up to his own reality first victim of that tragedy is his own woman, his own beloved, his own girlfriend, whatever you are. The most affectionate man, which you call affectionate, you know when he is very affectionate, when he puts his all dirt and garbage collected during the whole day right on the top of you and say take it, these are flowers and in return give me a hug and a kiss, now do you want to live with that kind of stupid creature? This is a practical life ladies, you have to understand, with a degree or two of error normally what I am saying is correct, little bit somebody can say that, but it all can be avoided if you just setup a parameter of your own grace about you, it is called aroma, in spiritual word it is called aura. If your man knows, listen to this, if your man…

Students: Knows,

YB: That you are a spiritual person, you are or not I am not judging it, it is none of my business, because concept of spirituality, and degree, and whole thing is individual but somehow if you can make a person believe that you are spiritual and deeply spiritual you can totally avoid trouble because no man wants to tackle directly spirituality because for a man to be spiritual is to be intuitive and when a man (?) they really get spaced out, that’s why you will find more holy men than a women because woman is holy to begin with. She cannot make a profession out of it. You will ask question why men are more holy men and less women, is that true, isn’t that always the question you people ask. You are holy to begin with anyway, so you don’t have to go to graduate yourself to be holy, it’s the man who is in trouble and when you once you start getting into something you become perfect and that’s all it is about. Why woman is basically a very contained and holy because she has to be one way or another a mother, may not be a physical mother, may be a mental mother, may be a spiritual mother, the affection, kindness, sacrifice, it is very common to female gender. Mother can do for a child which man cannot do, so in that realization there is a little difference between you and though both are considered human they are considered equal and whatever things are said, but basically you must understand that you cannot afford to barter your grace, barter your grace for benefit. Isn’t that song we have got,

Students: Yes sir.

YB: Do you remember it?

Students: Yes sir.

YB: Can we sing it?

(Students: Singing ‘Noble is the virtue….’)

Now tell me by the way from last year to this year before coming to the camp how many of you listen to this song ten times during the whole year. Is it on a tape?

Students: Yes sir.

YB: Put the tape on. At least you should have this tape if you cannot sing it yourself, play it once a while to remind you and I think mostly your trouble will go away.

(‘Noble is the virtue…..’ is played.)

(The tape stops.)

YB: Does it hurt?

Student: No.

YB: Is it bad?

Student: No sir.

YB: Why don’t you listen it during the year? Can you give me one solid reason?

Student: (—).

(Students’ laughter)

YB: Oh yeah more than this, oh can you give me those wonderful, one of those wonderful things.

If you want to see the strength of a nation you can see in the depth of the eyes of the woman and the smile on the face of the child. If you want to see the God on earth you can see in the depth of the commitment of the woman towards her own nobility. If you ever want to see the miracle of God just see a very saintly noble committed divine woman and wherever the light of her human eyes fall that becomes heaven from the hell, that is the power of a woman in common and in general. I wish and pray you should always know who you are.

I have put in eighteen years just telling one thing and one thing again who you are, you are not what you think you are, you are what God thinks you are, and God made you a woman, so be it. When a woman wants to become anything other than woman she is asking for trouble, when a man becomes anything other than a man he shall be in trouble because God wants it that way and exactly what you sang in English as a noble song let us sing what Guru Nanak sang for a woman, ‘Panda Jamihaie…,’ what values you have discussed of a women Guru Nanak was the first man who stood up and sang to the glory of the woman exactly this way.

(‘Panda Jamihaie…,’ is played.)

YB: This was about women Guru Nanak sang openly before the whole world and described all the facet of grace, nobility, practical reality, about a woman and this is what the world is about; the entire cosmos, the universe Guru Nanak sang about it in his Japji in the line when he sang that Pauri ‘Ekaa Maaee..’ let us see, now march with it, ‘Ekaa Maaee..’ there is but one woman.

 The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings TM

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