The Subtle Art of Giving

Excerpted from a Gurdwara Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

A simple line:

Bin Bhaagaa satsang na labhai

What dirt we are talking about? We become short-sighted. And what is long-sighted? Long-sighted is that intuitive self in which a person has personal confidence. This world is a mirage, and because of this mirage many people temporarily or permanently are falling apart. It is a mirage and a gorge too. Once you slip, it’s bottomless, endless. Life is very positive when there’s contentment. Life does not come to you because you are very wise; life comes to you when you are very content. Then you are trustworthy; people like you. They open up their hearts to you, and they give you the opportunities. But unfortunately some people in their own realm of consciousness are short-circuited, and they do not enjoy life and the light of their souls.

A rich person may have 12 servings of food on the table, but he may not have the stomach to digest it.

Those who are to give, they have to act like God in their own giving. When you cannot give, then you can’t progress. When you can’t progress, you are very scared. When you are scared, you are very insecure. When you are insecure, you feel horrible, terrible, miserable. And then life has a lot of pain in it.

God is willing to give, but are we willing to receive? Giving is a rational flow. When God gives, we give too. Out of His Will, we give. Out of our will, we control. It’s amazing. Dasvandh is a tithing in which we give 10% of all what God gives us – 100%. You can keep 90%, and still you are feeling miserable, and forget to give 10%; we still don’t understand it. We don’t understand our rational living is very simple, because the breath of life on which we live is given by God. Our life is actually a testimony to the fact that Somebody has given us life; we don’t understand that.

We create so many environments of pressure, weight, walls, values, virtues, status – it’s all our conception. And then we suffer. Why do we suffer? The actual fact is we want to suffer. If we would relax, we would never suffer. Sometimes I wonder when we are going to learn to give. There’s a reverse cycle. When you are to give, and you don’t give, sometimes the cycle reverses on you. Then it takes away all you have. It’s very magnetic thing to understand; there’s nothing more difficult. Nanak said: “The Giver gives. Those who take get tired, and that is the misery of life.” And “He gives and He commands, and that command is that which gives.” What a subtle thing to understand, but what a simple thing to understand.

My hope is that you will all study every line of the Siri Guru Granth, in order to understand and prepare yourself for the Age of Aquarius, and can be handy to make people understand the guidance of the way. And through that guidance you will find life happy and blissful. Then you will stop fighting, and you will start receiving, and in that reception will lie your joy. You will become beautiful, bountiful and blissful. That’s life.

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa.Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh.

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