Video: Satkirin Kaur Khalsa on Bhand Jammee-ai

In this video, Satkirin Kaur shares the pronunciation and the meaning of the Shabad, Bhand Jammee-ai

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Click Here for a Shabad Sheet for Bhand Jammeai

Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan

The Naad Academy developed from SatKirin Kaur’s dream of bringing Gurbani Kirtan to the furthest corners of the globe. To this end, the Academy offers classes to anyone in the world via online webinars. The Naad Academy is dedicated to the achievement of self-mastery through the science of Naad Yoga. The Academy offers classes and workshops in the music, singing, pronunciation, rhythm and Raga of Gurbani Kirtan. Each hymn (shabad) is a template for developing human awareness and a conduit to a beautiful inner-directed life. The steady practice of singing Gurbani Kirtan can heal and awaken the highest source of truth and love within every human being.

Visit the Naad Academy Website to Learn More

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