Virtual Sahej Paths: Sharing Personal Experiences of the Guru

“It is such a treasure to bring Guru to our homes connecting everywhere at this global event.” – Avtar Adi Kaur (United Kingdom)

Community members from around the world share their experiences participating in our seventh Virtual Sahej Path, from February 25-28, 2021, held in honor of the birth of Guru Angad Dev Ji and the Farmers Protests in India. 

Priti Devjot Kaur

“I awoke this morning to someone telling me to pray on the Lord’s name –  and thought it was the most perfect, yet ironic message I could have woken up to because it was from a televangelist. I fell asleep on the sofa with the TV on last night. He was a Christian from Arizona. He kept saying no matter what happens to you or around you, keep praying on the Lord’s name and praying to the Lord and he will sustain you.  And ever since I read in the Sikh Dharma International Virtual Sahej Path last month, the message to meditate on God’s name, just keep meditating on the Naam, all will be well, has been going through my head non-stop.

I haven’t formally taken vows or Amrit yet, so I guess Guru sent me the message in both Sikhi and Christianity to get it through my thick skull it’s what I need to be doing.  Wahe Guru!!!

As Yogiji said in a lecture played by the HGRD Ashram a few months back, if you do anything spiritual at all, Jap!

Thank you for your guidance and response to my email about the Sikh Dharma Sahej Path. I read the right pages, at the right time, and finished in 1:07….I kept getting distracted – it was the first time I’ve ever read the Siri Guru Granth Sahib other than with Hukam – and certain passages echoed some things Livtar Singh taught us in class, and the light bulb really started going off about what Livtar was trying to teach us! Wahe Guru!”

Community members from around the world share their experiences participating in our third Virtual Sahej Path, from July 22-25, 2020, held in honor of the birth of Guru Har Krishan. 

Mark Maxey – Oklahoma, U.S.A.

“After my morning Amrit Vela I prayed and asked Guru Nanak to guide my hand to pick the Hukamana for our 3rd Global virtual Sahej Path.”

Click Here to Read the Hukam for the Third Virtual Sahej Path! 


Community members from around the world share their experiences participating in our second Virtual Sahej Path, from June 17-20, 2020.


Joti Chandra Kaur

“I wanted to share this with you. My little dog Nutmeg sat in my lap the whole time I read. It was such a beautiful experience! I participated in the first one as well, thank you for offering this.”


Ramsing Guetaba and Sangat Members – Togo

“This was the first time our Sangat read in a Sahej Path.It was wonderful. A heavy rain fell down that Saturday in the evening after the Sahej Path. I prayed for a patient lady who couldn’t walk, but on Tuesday she arrived to yoga class walking! Healed! We look forward for the next Sahej Path!”

Community members from around the world share their experiences participating in our first-ever Virtual Sahej Path! This Sahej Path was held in honor of the birth of Guru Arjan Dev Ji (April 29 – May 2, 2020).

Jassie G. Shared this Video of her Beginning the Global Virtual Sahej Path Reciting Japji Sahib

“I must say Baba jee has made this possible for me. I have a two-year-old daughter and a four-month-old son. They were both awake and crying when I got up to do my Path. As I was taking a shower I asked Baba jee to help me. So my kids don’t wake up/cry while I am doing Path. Miracles do happen everyday. Both kids had fallen asleep, not even a little noise. Baba jee listened to my prayer/ request. I thank you Baba Jee for making my life easy and giving me the chance to start doing my prayers. Thank you Baba jee”


GuruSurya Kaur Khalsa – Portland, Oregon (U.S.A.)

“We created a ‘make-shift’ Gurdwara in our home. It was an amazing experience. . . Definitely took me more than one hour (I read in English). Very grateful!! One of my favorite lines . . . ‘I was anxious, and now I am free of anxiety; I was worried, and now I am free of worry; my grief, greed and emotional attachments are gone’ (Ang 671).  Also, ‘The Support of the earth shall bless you with courage, righteousness and protection’ (Ang 686).”


Japa Kaur – Baja California (Mexico)

“Sat Nam. Thank you so much for the invitation to participate in the Global Sahaj Paath. What a blessing! I feel so grateful for having done it. The first line of the first page I read hit it home for me: ‘The singer who sings the Lord’s Praises is adorned with the Word of the Shabad’ (Ang 688). Waheguru. Thank you again.”


Singh Jujar – Panipat, Haryana (India)

“Thank you, very grateful for arranging. I read one slot that I booked. And it was the first time I ever read. In this lockdown you opened us by arranging virtually. The time difference was 11 hours and 30 minutes. It was my birthday too I was just feeling like God has arranged all this in a way, that it was my birthday too and it was the last day of the Sahej Path…So much grateful.”


Melanie Harwood – San Antonio, Texas (U.S.A.)

“I read today at 11 a.m. It was my first time and I was completely wowed by the experience” 

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  1. Ishwara Preet Kaur says:

    Sat Naam, it’s lovely to read other’s experience of participating in the virtual Sahej Path. I had not previously read much from the SGGS, but when I recited for Sahej Path, it was as if I stepped through a doorway into the pure and sacred. I read slowly, in english, savouring each passage. Thank you for showing me the way to this experience with the Divine. Much Love, Ishwara Preet Kaur

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