What is in Japji?


Excerpt of Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan at the JapJi Course on June 17, 2003

…Somebody once asked me what is in Japji?

There are so many scriptures, they tell you the story of thousands of years what happened; give you the life of those who lived through that time, their achievements and their defeats. These people were not afraid of their defeats.  If they ever get defeated by the karma they understood the dedication of the karma for other people is dharma; there is no difference.

Human body is supposed to live and action and reaction is the law of the body. So when there is the action and reaction, you want to act neutral, but most of the time you can’t, so you go after what you like and don’t go after what you don’t like.  But there is a tragedy of space.  What you like when you were a child, you will not like when you were young. What you like when you were young, you will not like when you are in middle age; and what you like in the middle age certain things, you will absolutely hate them in the old age. There is no way out. The cycle is called kaal chakra, the cycle of time moves on.  And doesn’t matter how much you know and how much you can achieve, you cannot escape kaal chakra.

Kaal chakra is the law of life, desh and kaal, place and time.  Kaal chakra means the cycle of time must meet to create what is called vidhee. Cause and effect and it is law of the nature that vidhee must work.  God can forgive you; I vouch it, but Mother Nature won’t.  It’s a very balanced mother.  It creates environments and circumstances in which you must pay for your karma.

Karma we must do and whatever we do for ourself is a karma.  Whatever we do for others is a dharma.  There is no such thing as dharma prescribed by such and such person or people or God spoke to you from the heavens.  It doesn’t work that way.  Dharma is when you consciously put yourself together to work for others; for their happiness; for their benefit; for taking away their pain; giving them a life; serving them. It doesn’t exclude your wife and your children. It saves others; anybody other than you.  If you are sweet, kind, compassionate, serviceful, is a act of dharma and it will be accounted for, how easy it is. Japji introduces to you to yourself.  Study it that way.

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