Giving Thanks

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In the delightful, excited babble of my one-year-old son, there are few words we adults can actually understand, but the one that stands out most prominently is his cute little “thank you.” And it warms my heart to hear this young, growing human, who cannot otherwise communicate, clearly giving thanks. Every time he says, “thank you,” it not only gives me joy, it reminds me again, how important giving thanks on a regular basis is. And I am blessed to be reminded so many times each day!

So many others must also feel that warmth in their hearts when they give and receive thanks. We are microorganisms of the macro organism, when we give thanks in our own ways, in our own lives, we are automatically affecting the larger world around us. Giving our thanks is like the seed, that once planted and nurtured, bursts from its shell, blossoming and growing into beautiful life.

Our donations to Dasvandh are another way of giving thanks. They seed the mission of Sikh Dharma and 3HO, by creating and supporting the foundation to carry it on.

Celebrate the joy of giving back.

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