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Hope is an energy source straight from the heart. It’s like the alarm clock urging us to go to Sadhana, a light bulb inside of us that lets us simply be and shine in the world. Trust in that energy source. Know hope and be hope. Allow yourself to be the light of hope that shines in the world.

The lighthouse has forever been a strong symbol of hope. It is a light in the darkness, the promise of help, of a foundation beneath our feet.

Sadhana, a daily spiritual practice, is in its own sense a lighthouse too. In some inexplicable way we trust that by giving this time we will experience something like a communion with our very essence, our souls, and our connection with the Infinite. When we are able to let go, to “allow,” this experience becomes more and more a regular part of our lives, and gives us a strong core to go through life with.

Giving in the form of tithing is like seeing the lighthouse in the physical aspects of our lives. We are giving to our Infinity, and from that same place of trust and faith, we experience the connection with the Infinite, we own a foundation and we know we are provided for. We open ourselves to the inherent prosperity and abundance of the Universe and we begin to experience it, until this, too, becomes such a regular part of our lives that we know we can depend on it.


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