3H0 Luminary: Tammy Foster (Tej Inder Kaur) – Costa Rica

Tej Inder Kaur is one of the only teachers in a small beach village of Costa Rica, where she hosts women’s circles and workshops regularly to support the community.  She also actively works as a doula bringing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga to pregnant and postpartum mothers.


3H0 Luminary Program

The 3HO Luminaries Program brings extraordinary Kundalini Yogis serving underserved communities around the world to Summer and Winter Solstice.

By honoring these Luminaries, 3HO seeks to create lasting connections between teachers, encourage seva as the highest state of mind and spirit, and strengthen 3HO communities around the globe.

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  1. I am a 3 HO certified Kundalini Yoga teacher living in Florida. I am currently in Costa Rica until July 6 and would love to establish a connection with you. My spiritual name is Meherbani Kaur. I did the training in Austin, Texas in 2010-2011. I practice Kundalini every day, specifically the KRIYA for disease resistance. In 2019, I nearly died. I either had RSV or COVID. I did not have medical insurance and was never diagnosed. It took me 1.5 years of self healing to regain my strength. I used acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and a plethora of herbs and immune boosting products to get well. I went to Espinola in July 2019 and one morning while in my morning sadhana I realized that I needed to get serious and choose a KRIYA to do every day. It’s been three years now and I practice every day. The KRIYA helped me regain my strength. Now when and if I do get sick it passes through me usually within a few days. I Donot know where in Costa Rica you are located but I would like to be supportive in whatever way possible.I will be returning in either December 2022 or summer of 2023. I want to possibly move to Costa Rica or stay here for an extended period of time, Please contact me. Thank you. Sat Nam!
    Meherbani Kaur

    • OngKar Kaur Khalsa says:

      Sat Nam Meherbani Kaur, feel free to reach out to Hari Singh who lives in Costa Rica. I will DM you his contact information.

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