Argentina and the 8th Lord of Miracles Tour in Honor of Guru Ram Das

Nam Simran Kaur (left) and Hari Atma Kaur (right) of Buenos Aires in meditation while listening to a Shabad of Guru Ram Das.


For our 2019 Blast from the Past series, we are sharing content from previous years to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of 3H0 and Yogi Bhajan’s teachings in the West.  Here’s an article from 2010, where Ram Das Singh Khalsa shared about his experience on the 8th Lord of Miracles Tour.   

Argentina is a magnificent country that stretches more than 4,000 miles from north to south. The eastern border is the Atlantic Ocean, and to its west are the magnificent Andes Mountains that separate it from Chile. To the north lies Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil and to the south lies Antarctica.

Its people are of European descent, from Spain and Italy as well as a mix with indigenous, which is known as Criolla. The incredible food, culture, and music of the Argentines are matched by its smiles, spirit and passion for life. Argentina after the Second World War was the richest country because of its agricultural exports to the world. Still today it is a tremendous exporting nation, tourist destination and gastronomic delight!

Our visit to Argentina was packed and fast. Our first stop in Argentina was a return visit to Cordoba in the center of the country. Cordoba is one of the largest cities in Argentina, and is well known as an agriculture and industrial center. The residents of Cordoba are gracious, relaxed and open hearted. Everywhere we went we had people coming up to us asking who we were and welcoming us to their historical city.

Our first event was a special yoga class and lecture by S.S. Gurubachan Singh Khalsa and Dr. Ardass Singh at the home of Monica and Ruben Farini. There the sangat welcomed us with a special dinner of grilled pizza, Argentine style.

The following morning we visited and served langar to a teenage and adult homeless shelter. There we spoke about the science of breath and how they really are the masters of their own destiny. It was quite amazing how intelligent and articulate they were considering the circumstances they are in. They were bright, smiling and respectful. We invited them to our Lord of Miracles lecture that evening at the Catholic University, and seven of them attended.

That evening at the lecture S.S. Gurubachan Singh shared techniques of Kundalini Yoga and the science of breath with the audience. He pointed out that breath control and Pranayam can change the mental attitude and behavior of a person. For two hours, the audience was attentive, motivated and experienced a tranquil mind. The mix of those attending was a cross section of Cordoba, from students to professional business leaders.

For some time, the sangat members of Cordoba have wanted to bring Kundalini Yoga to the prisons of Argentina. In the morning, we went to give a demonstration of our techniques and how they can help reduce aggression, substance abuse and depression in the prison. The inmates, administrative staff, correctional officers and directors who participated in the class all requested that the yoga classes be continued.

Both S.S. Gurubachan Singh and Dr. Ardass shared their wisdom and techniques for more than two hours. In joyful response and to our great surprise, the inmates themselves offered us an impromptu serenade of folkloric singing and dancing. Who would have ever thought of this kind of expression of happiness in a maximum security prison? It was a very beautiful expression of gratitude on how the teachings that Yogi Bhajan taught us have touched the hearts and souls of so many people. Even the directors of the prison pointed out that they had never seen this open display of talent.

The following day found us in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. There both Dr. Ardass and S.S. Gurubachan Singh led conferences to uplift and inspire. During our time in Buenos Aires we were treated to a wonderful dinner hosted by Tejbir Singh and Tejbir Kaur in their home. The final day allowed us to enjoy a relaxed Argentine Mother’s Day and in the evening we celebrated it with our very own Gurubani Kaur Khalsa and her family at a wonderful Italian restaurant.

For all of us on this tour, Argentina is always a special place. The hospitality, smiles and love are wonderfully Argentine.

S.S. Gurubachan Singh leads a group of Yogis in a meditation a few hours after our arrival in Cordoba.


At the house of Monica and Ruben Farini we enjoyed a beautiful Argentine pizza dinner.


The master pizza chef at work!



At a refuge for street kids, La Ciernaga, where we served cake in honor of Guru Ram Das.


Meditating at the Lord of Miracles Tour lecture in Cordoba.


A group of inmates and faculty sit in meditation during our visit to a high security prison in Cordoba.


The inmates played music and performed folkloric dance after the class to welcome and thank us.


Immense beauty portrayed as a large group of Sikhs and Yogis meditate in the Lord of Miracles Tour class in Buenos Aires.


At the house of Tejbir Singh and Tejbir Kaur with our most beautiful Sangat of Buenos Aires.


At our favorite Argentine restaurant in Buenos Aires having a farewell dinner with the family of Gurbani Kaur.


This article was originally published on SikhNet in 2010 

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