Bringing Ourselves to the Feet of the Guru

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The Siri Singh Sahib explained that our devotion, when we let go and let God, transforms our life in so many powerful ways.  As we let the Hand of God come through, we open up to allow the Universe to serve our needs ~ we don’t need to worry!

What do we do to get there?  What makes this process easy and supports the flow of our journey?  The quick answer is: the Guru.  The Guru is the energy which takes us from darkness (Gu) into light (Roo).  This energy is our guide as we ‘let go’ and let God take over.  But how do we access the energy of the Guru inside of us?

This shabad by Bhai Gurdas (a Sikh who lived during the time of the Gurus)

“A disciple who walks one step towards the Guru to take his refuge, the Guru advances to receive him by taking millions of steps.
One who unites with the Lord by remembering the mantra of the Guru even once, the True Guru remembers him millions of times.
One who makes an offering of even a shell before the True Guru with loving worship and faith, the True Guru blesses him with the all treasures of wealth.
The True Guru is a repository of compassion that is beyond description and understanding. Therefore bow, bow, bow, bow, because there is nothing else like the Guru.”

Here is an audio clip of Chardi Kala Jatha singing this beautiful shabad

This journey to take that one step to the Guru is a powerful path of transformation.  It is the beginning (or in the middle of) our spiritual journey.  As we let go, and take the step, we allow in the energy of the Guru to bring us an experience of our Divine God-self.  It is the journey to get there that we need to focus on and make that jump!


You can also listen to this Shabad as sung by Bhai Sarabjeet Singh (Hazoori Ragi) on Sikhnet.


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