Daily Online Meditation for Healing in the Middle East

by SS Nam Nidhan Kaur Khalsa, Santiago, Chile, as shared in the first quarter 2024 ministry newsletter.

For a few decades now, the internet has opened the doors to homes and hearts around the world. It has shown us the beauty, as well as the ignorance, dreams and aberrations, that are common to human beings. It has connected us and helped create a global network where we are all closer, more similar and vibrating together in the face of all the events that are taking place in time and space.

As terrible as wars are, we now have them happening and showing up on our cell phones instantly. All this information overload can be overwhelming, but the internet also provides a way to connect with humanity and create collective consciousness.

In the last four months we have been able to witness one of the most painful events of the century—an explosion of escalating violence, beginning in Israel and then in Palestine, where the destruction of human lives and infrastructure has been dramatic. During these four months, we have seen the tremendous pain of countless families losing their children, of children losing their parents, of families losing their homes, and of an entire culture seeing its foundations collapse, so wounded by the consequence of a brutal occupation of 75 years.

Inspired by the social leadership and legacy of the Gurusikhs, my soul awakened. I felt the call to act and help mitigate the pain of  those who are experiencing so much suffering on a daily basis. So I created a daily meditation online to send healing energy and call upon peace. We have had up to 950 people connected daily, and an average of 500.

From the soul, we pray that our healing energy and love will touch the hearts of those in so much pain and help them strengthen their minds in the midst of the catastrophe. We pray that new paths to peace may be opened, in a situation that seems irreconcilable and so polarized toward ideologies that do not respect human equality and the value of every human being to live in peace.

Personally, for me this situation has been especially painful, since 100% of my ancestors are Palestinians and Jordanians. My paternal grandmother, along with my 16-year-old father and his four brothers and sisters, were the first Palestinian refugees to arrive in Chile in the Nabka of 1948—escaping through Egypt on a cargo ship.

Today we live in a time where the old structures of the Age of Pisces resist their imminent collapse and give their last efforts to maintain control of human lives and the planet. However, it is in pressure and adversity where the human being rises above everything previously created and finds their internal and external freedom with greater intensity.

The ashes and rubble, psychological and material, of these times and those that await us, is where the teachings we receive from our beloved Yogi Bhajan and the inspiration of the life and values of the Gurusikhs, allow us to be a guiding light amidst the darkness of a world immersed in falsehood and corruption, where everything seems to be working on the inverted side.

It is my prayer that the Light of Guru Ram Das, the purest Light that shines in the heavens for us, fills us every day with the power to heal and serve until our last breath, and that Guru Gobind Singh gives us the courage to protect the defenseless, without fear or doubt.


Join the Daily Meditation for Healing in the Middle East

Here is Zoom login information for those who would like to join in this meditation – occurring daily at 6 p.m. (18:00) Chile time:


Here is a link to World Time Buddy to convert Chile time to your local time zone:


About the Author

SS Nam Nidhan Kaur Khalsa has completed studies in Anthropology, and is a graduate in Gender Studies in Female Leadership and Neuroscience. She began the work of Woman of Light Foundation in Chile, South America. She has been a Kundalini Yoga Teacher since 1995 and her broad mission is dedicated to the training of the first Kundalini Yoga Teachers in the Andean countries of South America. Nam Nidhan is also the founder of the International School of Kundalini Yoga Narayan in Santiago, Chile, where she lives. Currently, she travels around the world supporting and promoting the work of the foundation, and her work is mostly concentrated in delivering teacher training in China.

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