Darshan Maagao Dayeh Piaaray – This Shabad Brings Self-Identity, Honor and Distinction

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Written by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, this Shabad brings self-identity, honor and distinction. Meditate on this Shabad or recite it 11 times a day to experience this energy in your life.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Raag Asa – Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 386

Jis neech kao ko-ee na jaanai

Naam japat uho chaho kunt maanai

Darshan maagao day-eh pi-aaray

Tumaree sayvaa kaun kaun na taaray

Jaa kai nikat na aavai ko-ee

Sagal srisat u-aa kay charan mal dho-ee

Jo praanee kaahoo na aavat kaam

Sant prasaad taa ko japee-ai naam

Saadh sang man sovat jaagay

Tab prabh Naanak meethay laagay

The wretched one, whom no one knows,

By chanting the Name of the Lord, he is honored in all four directions.

I humbly ask, O Beloved Lord, for the Blessed Vision of You.

Serving You, who has not been saved?

That one who is avoided by everyone,

The whole world will come to wash the dirt of his feet.

That person who is of no avail to anyone at all –

By the Grace of the Saint, he comes to chant the Name.

In the company of the Holy, the sleeping soul awakens.

Then, O Nanak, the Lord seems sweet.


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This post was drawn from the Psyche of the Golden Shield, compiled by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur with English translations by Sardarni Nirbhao Kaur Khalsa and transliterations by S.S. Sant Singh Khalsa, M.D.  This resource is available to purchase through Sat Nam (Europe) or Amazon.

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