Furmaan Khalsa


In 1982,Yogi Bhajan asked me to gather together all the poems he had written in Gurmukhi and translate them into English. The result was a book titled “Furmaan Khalsa” (the command of the Khalsa). Within these pages lies one of the most extraordinary works of the twentieth century; a manual of conscious living written in the form of 108 luminous and inspiring Gurmukhi poems.

Based on the science of human consciousness, called Raj Yoga, and written as a guide for all the future generations, these poems answer the questions of how to live successfully with an open heart and an open mind in the midst of the turmoil of the modern world. . . how to experience your cosmic identity as a man or woman… how to raise children who are strong, secure and fearless. What does it mean to love and be loved? What are the physical, mental, and spiritual effects of what we eat and drink, and how we can unlock the unused potential energies within, so that we can really become effective to create positive changes within ourselves and in the world.

Here is a sample poem from Furmaan Khalsa:

Power “Shakti”

Meditate on God right Now!

And even if you’ve wasted your past in pursuit of Maya

You can know the Future.

Settling the breath at the third eye point,

Energy flows through the Ida and Pingala,

The Shushmana is energized,

The Thousand Petaled Lotus turns,

And Nectar trickles from the Realm of Brahm.

Such a Gursikh is Liberated!

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