The Healing Power of Intention

healing power of intention

When I met Yogi Bhajan, I was what I considered to be a “healer.” I lived in a great 3HO community, had a lot of wonderful friends, and we were all passionately into healing – naturopathy, homeopathy, Sat Nam Rasayan – anything healing. I was certain this was my path. Then the Maestro walked into the room and my life changed. I moved to a completely different environment, and my new job had nothing to do with healing, and everything to do with business plans, budgets, reporting tools and assessments. At least, that’s what I thought.

What I have come to learn over the years is that intention heals, and so therefore, my job as a human being is to set good intentions for healing on all levels, of every relationship, and in every situation I encounter. My new job at that time forced me to look at an environment and see it in terms of healing – processes weren’t working; OK, which systems could be implemented to heal that? The established guidelines left people feeling unsupported; OK, what healing process did that need? There was a vision; OK, how do we create a strategic and operational plan out of that vision? What I had to overcome was my judgment of what is healing and what wasn’t.

Healing is on many different levels – our participation in any situation can be healing or not, depending on how we choose to interact in it. And sometimes the call to heal can be in the least expected arena possible – a board meeting, a long checkout line at the supermarket, as well as many unexpected situations in our personal lives. Yogi Bhajan said, “Self-healing is the genuine process of relationship between the physical and the infinite power of the soul. It is from a state of compassion, of compassionate meditation, that the healing activity of God flows within the being.”

Everything that we are a part of can be part of a greater healing process. Our spiritual development is a part of a greater healing process. Our purpose – the intentions we set – contributes to healing on a global level, and we are a part of that. And of course, the spiritual organizations we belong to, which teach us, guide us, support us through the gift of community and the sharing of like-minded individuals, are a part of the greater healing process.

Darshan Kaur is an entrepreneur, teacher, healer, writer, mother, currently residing in Santa Fe.

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  1. Nancy ferguson says:

    Thank you so much for this expanded view of healing….just what I needed to hear related to a difficult job situation and wondering how in the world to address….still not sure if this is where I belong but thank you for the perspective! Sat Nam

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