The Inspiration to Give


What really inspires you to give? Have you ever thought about it in a concrete manner? Is it something you believe in? Something that makes you feel good? Something you know is making positive changes in the environment and world around you? Is it because of something you’ve experienced or something you have heard about?

All of these reasons are common understandable reasons, but the source of our ability to give in any way is faith, our innate faith in the Universe. For how can we give unless we feel we are able? If we feel we are not able, how can we open our hearts and love someone? If we feel we are not able, how can we give our time to help others or help in our communities? If we feel we are not able, how can we give monetary contributions and support? Faith underlines all of our giving. Faith in God, faith in ourselves. Faith that there is enough to give, faith that there will be enough even though we give, and faith that there will be enough to give again.

The Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan has often given mantras for prosperity that include all the aspects of God. Our ability to give, that feeling of being able to give (in other words our personal prosperity) is simply another aspect of God. The inspiration to give comes from deep within, with the vast experience of expansion that comes when we are in a place of unity with the Universe – all aspects of God. In that place we receive, in that place we give, simply because our faith dictates it.

I invite you to try the prosperity meditation on our site and to look inside yourself for the faith that underlies your inspiration to receive from the Universe and to give back to God. Test out your faith, and see how it is like Infinity – boundless, flowing and endless

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