The Bridge


Like a bridge over troubled water, the technology we use for expansion and growth steadies us through thick and thin. I find this to be one of the most reassuring parts of my life. No matter what happens in my personal world, in my community or in the world at large, the technology of my spiritual discipline holds, nurtures and sustains me.

There are different reasons for doubting, or even quitting disciplines. There is fear, there is Shakti Pad – a stage at which either transformation or discontinuity occurs (in the spiritual disciplines, shakti pad is known as the test of ego or the test of power). There are conditions like changes in work, family structure, and events like war.

Whatever happens, I encourage you to do as the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) has been teaching us for decades: “Keep Up.” Allow yourself the opportunity to experience the profound satisfaction and fulfillment of not interrupting your disciplines.

Tithing, too, is a spiritual discipline, and an important one. It is the daily discipline of acknowledging all that we have and being grateful for all we receive from the Infinite. It is the discipline of maintaining the flow, of filling the vacuum – giving back to the Infinite, and accepting more as it returns to us.

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