‘Joy of Gurmukhi” Introduction


Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

Welcome to Joy of Gurmukhi, a series of teach-yourself-Gurmukhi videos presented by Sikh Dharma International.

We invite you to expand not only your God-given bliss and well-being – but that of all of those around you – through reading and pronouncing this sacred script.

‘Gurmukhi’ literally means ‘from the mouth of the Guru.’  ‘Guru’ means ‘the light; the enlightener; that which takes you from darkness to light;’ and ‘mukh’ means ‘the mouth or the face of the Guru.’

Guru’s teachings can be experienced in a special way through this script and this language. It’s a very divine relationship to an ancient system of sound and elevation; it’s immediately uplifting.

This video course is one of many ways to learn pronunciation and recitation of Gurmukhi. We encourage you to find tools that work for you on your path of study.

It’s a practice that anyone might do.  We have 84 meridian points in the roof of the mouth, and every time we speak, the tongue stimulates these meridian points.  This produces creative energy in the brain.  “In the beginning there was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  Word makes life force.  That’s the basic foundation of this practice – the divine science of sound –through reciting the words of the Guru, and practicing of Mantra.

When you pronounce the words of Gurmukhi properly, you stimulate your meridian points– which gets your thalamus and hypothalamus to secrete, it completely balances your system and makes you feel divine!  This can produce every kind of result you might want – health, healing, elevation, sensation of Nirvana and Nectar – you change your consciousness, remove stuck habits, and elevate all of you physically and mentally.

Gurmukhi is written in perfect ‘Naad.’ Naad is essence of all sound. Mantra is sound that is a projection of the deep inner mind. ‘Man’ means ‘mind,’ and ‘tra’ means projected waves. Chanting Mantra in Naad elevates all layers of the mind and re-aligns your thought with expanded consciousness. This is what Gurmukhi does.

In the words of Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan:

“Now scientifically, what is a mantra?  When we recite mantra, the upper palate is stimulated at 84 meridian points.  They stimulate the thalamus and hypothalamus.  Thalamus and hypothalamus are important because they make you unwavering.  All your unwavering, courageous habits are based on your hypothalamus….The tip of the tongue affects the central nerve channel, Shushmana…and can control your total psyche.”

I’d like to invite anybody who wants to explore Gurmukhi to look to a few practices. In the morning when you recite your Japji, this is a perfect time to align yourself to taste and feel the sound as it comes through your throat, tongue and lips.  See your mind and watch your entire being and observe how your mind-body system responds.  You are replacing your thoughts with a different frequency which is the mantra, with the powerful vibration of sound energy. Allow the sound current to reset you, to align your entire being with your highest consciousness.  And lock your mind with its multiple levels — and your psyche with all its feelings — on course toward your highest self.

There are many ways to do this – reading from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, doing your daily Banis (the prayers given by the Gurus as daily recitations), singing Kirtan, chanting, reciting mantras on their own… You can practice Japa, which is reciting out loud in a very deliberate method over and over repeatedly.

Combining Gurmukhi with melody and rhythm in their infinite variations helps open the heart center and creates a total rhythmic synchronicity within the body so that you can be in perfect tune with Nature and your environments and understand and merge in the rhythms of God.

As a yoga practitioner, you can enjoy the perfect Naad of Gurmukhi. It is a flawless mantra that is completely aligned with the system of yoga.

These practices all create Tapa, which is a spiritual heat that burns through any blocks and karmas.  It can power you to your highest self and eventually to complete liberation.

So we invite you to take this course with an open mind and heart and we hope that the tools you receive here assist you in your path to your highest consciousness and give you the elevation to serve humanity with peace, love and light to all.

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