Meditation for Balancing the Moon Centers

The sun and the moon are lamps of incomparably beautiful light. Throughout the three worlds, the Infinite Light is pervading. In the shops of the city of the body, in the fortresses and in the huts, the True Merchandise is traded. ~ Guru Nanak Dev Ji (SGGS, Ang 57) 


  1. Lying on the stomach, place the chin on the ground, and keep the head straight. The arms are along side the body, with the palms of the hands facing up.
  2. Focus at the Brow Point.
  3. Mentally vibrate the Panj Shabd: SA TA NA MA
  4. Mudra: Each finger touches, in turn, the tip of the thumb with a firm but gentle pressure: SA -the index or Jupiter finger touches the thumb. TA -the middle or Saturn finger touches the thumb. NA -the ring or Sun finger touches the thumb. MA -the pinkie or Mercury finger touches the thumb;then begin again with the index finger.
  5. Meditate on the sound current coming in through the crown of the head (the Tenth Gate) and flowing out through the center of the forehead (Third Eye Point) in an “L” shape.
  6. The breath will regulate itself.
  7. Continue for 3-31 minutes.



Meditation images courtesy of Kundalini Mobile.

Source manual for this practice: I Am a Woman: Creative, Sacred & Invincible 

Here is the original lecture where this kriya was given.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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