Nanak’s Kitchen – Millis, Massachusetts

Providing food for families, children and our seniors who suffer from food insecurity

Source: Nanak’s Kitchen Website. Visit their website to learn more. 

In the Sikh tradition of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, for 50 years, Guru Ram Das Ashram and Gurdwara in Millis, Massachusetts has served weekly vegetarian meals in New England.  On Sundays and the First Friday of the month the Millis Ashram has a Gurdwara service, followed by Langar (a healthy vegetarian meal for all).

It is their aim to manifest the miracle of a community food relief that is unified and sustained through spiritual practice, selfless service/volunteer work, sharing food, kindness, compassion, grace, and nobility.

The Millis Ashram community acknowledges the grace and dignity of every soul, and is are dedicated to uplifting and feeding all and to bringing reverence to life through the practice of a lifestyle rooted in yogic principles and the core values of Sikh Dharma to advocate for hunger relief, serving food to all.

The main mission at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Millis, MA  has been service. Inspired by the tradition and lineage of the Sikh Gurus, their dream is to serve their local communities in a way that provides comfort, security and nourishment. They have had the great privilege of serving  in this way for almost 50 years, whether that is through yoga and meditation teachings or their recently launched food relief program, which  has provided groceries for those in need in the surrounding local communities.

Currently they are working to to expand the work of Guru Nanak’s Community Kitchen and progress into Phase 2 of  their kitchen-community building.

In just the first few months of operation, the Nanak’s Kitchen Food Relief Program has already provided enough natural groceries (organic and GMO free whenever possible) to provide over 2,500 meals to those in need.

The remodeling of their community building and kitchen are ready to move into Phase 2, which includes the addition of a new wing with bathrooms and a cozy gathering space. This will keep the kitchen safe for food preparation, allow easy access to the bathrooms from both yoga classrooms, and provide a space for camaraderie after classes and for  volunteers who are working in the kitchen. Over time, this addition will  make it easier for the Millis Ashram to bring warm, wholesome meals to food insecure  members of the larger community.

Click Here to Donate to Nanak’s Kitchen and Help Make the Langar Kitchen a Reality! 


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  1. Arvinder Kaur says:

    I like what the community is doing in Massachusetts, we in the United Kingdom, in the East Midlands do something similar, we have a Group called Guru Nanak Mission, I love being path of the Group. It is a lovely and lively group. Haven’t been to Nottingham since last year, as of Covid, but am looking forward to do sewa over there. May Wahaguru bless everyone who is helping the whole world wide community on the occasion of Vasaki.

    • OngKar Kaur Khalsa says:

      Wahe Guru. Thanks for sharing Arvinder Kaur. We are all blessed when we are able to selflessly serve humanity. May you continue to be blessed in your efforts.

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