Prewritten Destiny


“Life is given to us as our destiny…Every day we must die and we must experience that death. And every day we must be reborn and we must experience resurrection.” – Siri Singh Sahib.

Gurbani says that when we are born, our destiny is already written.

“Pehlay Buni Paraptay, Pachay Buni Sareeer” – First the Destiny is written, then the body is created.

Whatever is written is according to our past deeds and karmas from past lifetimes. One way to clear these karmas in this lifetime is through the practice of Bani, Bana, Simran and Seva, the fundamental practices of Sikh Dharma. When we live in that consciousness, challenges may come but it doesn’t look difficult. The teachings of the Guru give us the strength to deal with it and accept it with happiness. Bad times become good times because our consciousness has changed. Destiny never changes –our understanding changes through our spiritual practices. Through the lens of consciousness even difficulties don’t look difficult to us. We get the power and the grit from the Guru, and we can see the blessing in each challenge that life brings us. We can accept everything as the Will of God. That is why the Siri Singh Sahib told us we are Siblings of Destiny – it is pre-written that we are destined to serve the Guru’s house and live and be together as a sangat of the Guru. It is our choice, our free will that determines if we follow the path of our destiny or the path of our fate. Destiny is the path of consciousness, or dharma. Fate is the path of action and reaction, or karma.

“Samskaras are the account of those karmas you have earned in the previous life; that is why you got this body. This physical body was granted to you according to those samskaras. Then with those karmas, you make the karma in this life; samskaras and karmas get together and that guides your destiny.” Siri Singh Sahib 1971

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