Shabads of Guru Arjan Video – Kavan Bani by Shivpreet Singh

Gurbani Kirtan shared in honor of the birth of Guru Arjan Dev ji for Sikh Dharma International’s 2021 special Gurpurb celebration from Shivpreet Singh!


About the Artist

Shivpreet Singh, 10th direct descendent of celebrated 17th century Sikh Poet Bhai Nandlal Goya is an entrepreneur and multi-media artist based in California. He pioneered a new genre of Indo-American music that brings together melodic intricacies of Indian classical music, instrumentation and harmonic elements of Western music, contemporary musicians from around the world, as well as philosophy and poetry of diverse traditions focused on oneness.

Click Here to View More Information on Shivpreet Singh’s Website 


Click Here for a Shabad Sheet of Kavan Bani Ri Teri Lali

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