Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Wonderful is the Earth

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Shalok, First Mehla  –  Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 463

Author: Guru Nanak Dev Ji 

Salok Mahalaa Pehilaa ||

Visamaadh naadh visamaadh vedh ||

Visamaadh jeea visamaadh bhedh ||

Visamaadh roop visamaadh ra(n)g ||

Visamaadh naage fireh ja(n)t ||

Visamaadh paun visamaadh paanee ||

Visamaadh aganee kheddeh viddaanee ||

Visamaadh dharatee visamaadh khaanee ||

Visamaadh saadh lageh paraanee ||

Visamaadh sa(n)jog visamaadh vijog ||

Visamaadh bhukh visamaadh bhog ||

Visamaadh sifat visamaadh saalaeh ||

Visamaadh ujhaR visamaadh raeh ||

Visamaadh neRai visamaadh dhoor ||

Visamaadh dhekhai haajaraa hajoor ||

Vekh viddaan rahiaa visamaadh ||

Naanak bujhan poorai bhaag ||1||

Shalok, First Mehla:

Wonderful is the sound current of the Naad, wonderful is the knowledge of the Vedas.

Wonderful are the beings, wonderful are the species.

Wonderful are the forms, wonderful are the colors.

Wonderful are the beings who wander around naked.

Wonderful is the wind, wonderful is the water.

Wonderful is fire, which works wonders.

Wonderful is the earth, wonderful the sources of creation.

Wonderful are the tastes to which mortals are attached.

Wonderful is union, and wonderful is separation.

Wonderful is hunger, wonderful is satisfaction.

Wonderful is His Praise, wonderful is His adoration.

Wonderful is the wilderness, wonderful is the path.

Wonderful is closeness, wonderful is distance.

How wonderful to behold the Lord, ever-present here.

Beholding His wonders, I am wonder-struck.

O Nanak, those who understand this are blessed with perfect destiny. ||1||

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the first Sikh Guru. He lived for 70 years. He was born in Talwandi, Pakistan and left his physical body in Kartapur Ravi, Pakistan. His father’s name was Mehta Kalyan Chand, but was known as Kalu Ji. His mother’s name was Mata Tripta Ji. His wife’s name was Mata Sulakhni Ji. He had two sons. His elder son was Baba Sri Chand Ji and his second son was Baba Lakshmi Das Ji.

Born into a Hindu family, Guru Nanak rejected the notion of divisions between people based on religion. He taught the Oneness of the Creator and the fundamental brotherhood and sisterhood of all. He stated that the experience of the Divine dwelled within every person, so there was no difference between people based on caste, creed, gender or nationality. His simple but profound philosophy rested on recognizing the fundamental Divinity of all people. When lived in an awareness of the Divine Light within all, human life could become a profound experience of love, truth, patience, peace and contentment

Guru Nanak achieved his state of enlightenment, or realization, sometime around the age of 30. After disappearing into a river and meditating in the water for three days, Guru Nanak emerged having had a powerful vision of the nature of reality, Divinity and human existence. He recorded that vision in a song – known as Japji Sahib – the Song of the Soul. With Japji Sahib, humanity has a rare picture of what a Master experienced at the moment of his enlightenment described in his own words.

Japji Sahib became the foundation of this new spiritual tradition. After his enlightenment, Guru Nanak spent 15 years traveling through India, Asia and Persia. He brought people together of all traditions and sang Divine songs in praise of the Creator, the Creation and the journey of the spirit through time and space. During this time, he also collected songs from other mystics that resonated with his own visions and experience of the Divine. After his travels, he settled down and lived as a farmer, continuing to teach those who came to learn from him.

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