Song for Siri Singh Sahib ~ Yogi Bhajan


Don’ Cry for me Children of Sikh Dharma

A song by Dev Suroop Kaur

Who was this man called Yogi Bhajan, Who came into our lives from cross the sea? A father, a teacher, a master, a servent for all humanity. He came from the east just to teach us, there is one God who dwells in All. Happiness begins with commitment, fulfillment from answering the call.

Chorus: He said “Don’t cry for me children of Sikh Dharma. My love for you will live eternally. Keep walking with your strength and grace and courage, chant the name and set your spirit free, chant the name and serve humanity.”

In sandals in the snowdrifts of Toronto, his mission began so humbly. Touching the hearts of the hopeless he helped them to regain their dignity. Through every trial he kept on winning. To show us that we could do it too. With kindness, compassion, with laughter, he said royal courage will see us through.


He sculpted every being with precision, no matter what their status or their state. Poking, provoking, confronting, his only purpose to have an aim. He gave us our home as a temple. Our marriage as a path to the One. Our wealth as a way to serve our neighbor, our future through our daughters and our sons.


Sat Siri Siri Akaal, Siri Akaal Maha Akaal, Maaha Akaal Sat Nam, Akal Moorat Wahe Guru

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