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Regilding the HGRD Gurdwara Dome

The Gold Dome of the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das (HGRD) Gurdwara is of central importance to the psyche of our global Sangat. The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan told us that maintaining a well gilded Gold Dome of our HGRD Gurdwara would be like a “Passover” for our global Sangat community;
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Daily HGRD Aquarian Sadhana

Hacienda de Guru Ram Das (HGRD), the "Mother Ashram" hosts daily Aquarian Sadhana. This event is streamed through the HGRD YouTube channel. The schedule is as follows (US/Eastern time zone): 3:40 am Japji Sahib 4:00 am Kundalini Yoga 4:45 am Aquarian Chanting 6:00 am Gurdwara