The Fear of Giving

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What is it about giving that frightens us so much? On the one hand, you might think it all starts in our childhood, but then infants clutch and release without differentiation, so this reflex, “to hold”, must be learned later. The Siri Singh Sahib says that those who go around saying “What about me?”, will never find “Thou.” Wow!  If I am always thinking about “me,” it will be hard, frightening and next to impossible to give.  The more I think about others with compassion, goodness and grace, the easier it is to give.

Ahh, but you ask, “Why is it so important to give anyway?” The Siri Singh Sahib answered this when he said,

“There are 108 elements in this Universe which are at the tip of your fingers, provided you decide to be compassionate, kind and caring.” “As you expand in kindness, prosperity comes with it.”

We are all interested in something. Maybe you are looking for a partner in life, maybe you are looking for material wealth, or maybe you just want to get the bills paid. Compassion, kindness, caring, generosity – these are the virtues which expand our consciousness so that we can receive the objects of our desire. Whatever your motivation, we are most open and able to receive when we give and expand ourselves through the act of giving.

And how can we charge our natures and our lives with compassion, kindness, caring and generosity? Here are some ideas:

1. Counsel or help those in need. Some ideas:

a. Is anyone in your family or immediate surroundings in need of your help?
b. Visit hospitals or nursing homes
c. Join one of the many non profit organizations which help children in need
d. Become a “buddy” for someone dealing with a similar problem you have gone through

2. Help out in your community. Some ideas:

a. Give some time each week (even if it is only an hour) to your local house of worship, a youth group, or other community projects
b. Help an elderly friend or neighbor with something they can’t do such as yard work, moving large items or organizing a space
c. Volunteer at local schools to help tutor or teach

3. Remember gratitude and give. Some ideas:

a. Make a list of everything you are grateful for and post it on the wall. Write a new list every few days to keep it fresh in your mind
b. Bless the loved ones in your life
c. Start a prayer circle of thanks
d. Give to organizations which support your mind set or other charities

Whatever you decide to do, begin it today and allow yourself to be infused with the gratitude and grace of giving.

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