rising above hurdles

It used to be that when I even heard the word “success” I would cringe inside and my only thought was finding a good place to hide. It took me a very long time to understand that I was hooked on Piscean values, but it’s taken me even longer to understand that judgment is really my worst enemy.

Originally (looking in my dictionary) success is defined simply as an outcome, without any particular association to a good or bad outcome. The Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) has told us many times: the only thing that is important is the intention we set, and the results will always follow in kind.

“The results will always follow in kind.” This is a very profound statement, an old truth. If we write out checks with fear in our heart (how will we make it through, the economy is so haphazard, price of living increase, etc.), no matter what we thought our intention was, it will be marred by that same fear, and the results will follow in kind.

In this light, it is of the absolute and highest importance to reflect on what our true intentions are – at all times. This is where Tithing can help. Tithing, too, is a spiritual discipline and like every discipline, its object is to bring us to a place of 100% neutrality. We have to get out of the space of reacting emotionally to the topic of money. Once in a place of neutrality, Infinity can serve you. You have created the vacuum and God can fill you.

In reality, it is just like getting up and doing yoga. You can’t predict an outcome, because that prediction is based heavily on emotions. You just have to do it, until there is no more room for emotions.

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