The Future Sensitivity of the Human Race


Beads of Truth, March 1974 #22

by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

Consciousness is born; it’s a totality.  And from totality, any creativity is a part of the totality. If you deeply understand that effectiveness of existence, then you also understand what reality is. If you are conscious, as a woman, your beauty cannot be explained in words. If you are conscious as a male, your beauty cannot be explained in words. If you are conscious as a human being, your beauty cannot be explained in words. And if you are conscious that you are a living being, your beauty cannot be explained in words.

I am speaking now of individual expressions. Because in one way you represent a section of your many faceted personality; in another way, you represent a basic reality; in a third way, you  expand yourself to the very life principle of you; and finally, you have total reverence for any life you can relate to. When you have got reverence for life, and life has got reverence for you, what you put in, you get back. In your own consciousness, are you conscious that your basic existence in life is a beauty? And in relationship to all life, when you can relate to it as dearly as you relate to your life, it is a conscious act.

When you have got reverence for life, and life has got reverence for you, what you put in, you get back.

Some people feel it is okay to kill a mosquito. It’s a tiny little thing; it can create malaria; it can make you sick. Sometimes, you feel it is your obligation to do it. But can you create malaria? That little thing of malaria? You cannot even create it with plastic. It’s pretty difficult; it’s an artist’s job. You can’t create a mosquito, but you are ready to kill it.

In terms of the life principle, you both are at the same level. You are mighty. They are tiny. He represents fear to you, fear of your future death. Therefore, you give him death. The same way, there may be a rattlesnake which may bite you twenty times and may not give you a little poison at all. But the moment you feel a snake, what do you want to do with it? Kill it. Somebody said in the Bible—that it is justified that those born of man will crush the head of the snake, so it is a very pious job. But have you ever thought that what makes you kill is not the life in the thing? But it is the fear of death in you? You kill a mosquito because that represents fear of death to you. You kill that snake because that bite represents death to you. Whether the guy has done it, or has not done it, has got nothing to do with it.

You perform a lot of activities out of sheer fear. A lot of actions in human behavior are only the outcome of fear, and the beauty of consciousness is that the fear you put into actions is just what you don’t want to happen to you. You don’t want to die? Then anything which can kill you must be killed first. Have you understood that human aspect? Every snake on this earth must die. All birds which can be a danger to you must die. All animals, ants, all those situations where you can be put into danger must die. Whatever can take away the supply of your life, which may not have come to you at all yet, there’s a possibility that also must die, because you love to live. And with that kind of killing, you actually, practically make your life worthless. Because that kind of fear, and that kind of mental extension of fear through your consciousness makes you totally unconscious of the reason you are living. You put all your energies into killing the possibilities of death. Who’s going to enjoy living? And what does living mean to you?

There’s a very popular saying: “One day of howling like a lion is better than living like a frightened sheep.” Carefree living and living in the beauty of life is a joy within itself. It can only come from the consciousness of reverence for life, as a gift. When you do not project fear into anything, it will never come to you as death. Fear of death attracts death faster. It’s a magnet. Fear of being unhappy attracts unhappiness, because the individual circumvent force is fed from inside with the negativity, and it polarizes the negativity from the outside, and it must happen. There is no danger in your existence, but when you subconsciously become conscious, there you will be. The answer is you shall be. Any time you think you will be, the reply is you shall be. And there’s no medicine to protect you from that. No advice can work in that case. They call it mental reaction. A person goes into it. Everyone has a little part of it, where you always work with that kind of fear. So much so that all the sadness and all the heartbreaking events, and mostly all the tragedies, an individual attracts by himself.

Once there was a very, very positive man, and he had a friendship with some guy. One day he was sitting in his house, and he thought, “I have been the friend of this man for ten years. Why am I friendly to him?”

Then he asked, “For ten years I have not asked this question. Why am I asking this question?” Then he said, “I have been a fool for these ten years. I should have asked this question the very first day. How much of a dummy am I? For ten years, I have never asked myself and I have been his friend without knowing why I am his friend. Perhaps for ten years he has been exploiting me; perhaps for ten years he has been using me; perhaps for ten years he’s been doing black magic on me; perhaps for ten years I could not become friends with anybody else, and I have lost a lot of opportunities. What is this friendship that for ten years I am stuck to this guy? A bad tragedy. Why didn’t I think? I have to start right from the very beginning.”

He had those thoughts in his mind. After a while he said, “Hey, foolish man, ten years I have enjoyed his company; he is my only friend; he’s very consoling; he’s very beautiful. What am I talking about? Shut up. Let me go. Let me call him. Let me give him a surprise. He’s always very happy when he sees me.”

So he took his horse and went to meet him. For all those ten years, the moment he would start towards his house, this man would come out to receive him right from the horse. This day the friend never showed up.  So he got down, and he went in and his friend said, “Oh yeah. Glad to see you. Come on, sit down.”

He said, “Am I in the right place?”

He said, “Yeah, you are in the right place. Come on friend, let us talk … “

It all started as they had started the very first day. All that had existed for ten years did not exist. He just sat down and said, “Ten years ago I met him just like this.”

He asked him a question. He said, “Are you all right?”

The friend said, “Yes.”

He said, “Well, you used to love me, hug me, meet me outside. What is going on today?”

The friend said, “I do not know myself. Something weird is happening. I feel you are a very great stranger. What did you do?”

He said, “Well, I have not done anything. You must have done something.” Now, he knew what he did,
but he wouldn’t tell him. So they got into an argument.

He said, “No, no. You are very cold to me.”

The friend said, “I have never been cold to you in ten years. What is wrong with you today? You are even thinking I am cold to you.”

Then the word of wisdom came to him and he said, “Okay, I am not going to agree with you, and you are not going to agree with me. Then let’s not punch each other in the nose. Let’s both sit together and calmly meditate.” So they sat down and meditated and after a little while they both smiled
at each other. They got up. The friend said, “What would you like to eat?”

He said,  “Well, anything you can give me, but how are you now?”

The friend said, “Very warm.”

He said, “Why are you warm now?”

The friend said, “I know what you did today.”

He said, “How do you know?”

The friend said, “Through that meditation, I knew what you did, and I know what happened to me.”

He said, “What?”

He said, “Today for the first time you thought about me and doubted me and rejected me instead of that warmth of communication you used to project on me. And that created a block. I could not understand, neither I understood what happened to me.”

He said, “Well all right. I did it, I agree. You reacted, I agree. But why have you become warm now?”

He said, “Without you telling me this thing I understood that there’s no fault of mine, I have to do what I have to do, and now my will is back again, which you ate up.”

So when you project mental negativity on something, you not only reject that person and his channelization of attractivity towards you, you eat up his will. And then you blame others. They have deceived you; they have done wrong to you. And that is how powerful the mind is in each individual.

You know the story of those three monkeys: Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil. If the monkeys are not wise, the one who just gave that idea must be very wise. Take care not to project negativity. That is why they say, “Don’t mentally reject anybody. Face him and do it.”

You understand? That is one alternative to keep the state of consciousness in a state of balanced polarity. Don’t mentally reject anybody; don’t mentally slander anybody; don’t mentally negate anybody, because the reaction always comes back to you ten times. It is much better to face somebody face to face and talk it out, rather than going behind that person’s back to think about it and send the thoughts. You are beaming at someone. It’s very important for individual consciousness and for human living that you should avoid the inflow of such energy from you onto other people. Because if you do not meet those people, the reaction can be so tremendous in their consciousness that they can send it back ten times onto you, and eat up your total will. Then there will be nothing left for you to protect.

So much so, it has been totally seen in an experiment. A man continuously sent negative thoughts constantly for about one month, at a particular hour, towards one person. They were very good friends and it was done as an experiment. After two months they happened to see each other, and they changed lanes. This guy went this way; that guy went that way. They never crossed each other. That is the power of the mind.

Always remember, whenever you mentally think of something here, wherever that person is, your mind is on that person at that moment, because the mind is above space and time. You must be aware of that reality. Whenever you project a thought, your mind is right with the mind of that other being. Because with the mind there’s neither space nor time. And unfortunately, if the other person is sensitive, you’ve had it. If he’s sensitively powerful, and he picks up that thought of yours, and he gets angry, and he replies back, multiply his mind into ten, and that’s what you’ll get.

Many world wars are the result of this mental projection. Many serious destructions on this planet are the result of this mental projection.

Today we are very sensitive people. The human race is getting into a very sensitive mental era. You kids call them vibes, vibrations. Sometimes in our Establishment we say the kids are getting crazy. The new generation is nothing but a bunch of vibrations. The new race which we are going to have on this planet will be the subject of some funny things. Everybody will feel everything about everybody, without figuring out why they feel or where they feel. But they feel.  And this is going to make a man very crazy.

Normally on this earth, 90 per cent of the people will be crazy. I am not making a prediction. It is a truth which will be seen by any of you living to that age. Everybody will be funny, you know. You will never be in a position to determine why somebody is angry, why somebody doesn’t want to see you, why somebody doesn’t want to love you, why somebody has come and given you two or three slaps and kicked you out of the house … nothing you will be in a position to imagine. The unpredictable actions of the human being will be the common trend in social living. This will be the new human race.

They will be known in the future as stunt realities. I am telling you the human psychology of the 2000’s, and these terms will be used. If you reincarnate then, it will be very familiar.

A sensitive brain will understand and perceive. But when the message is not clear, it will create a creativity which will be a reactive creativity. So out of those moods there will be huge actions.

Question: Are we still going to be that unaware?

You think we are aware now? But we are better. Do you understand? Sometimes you meet a person and you say, “I don’t want to see this person. I had a bad feeling.” Do you understand what that bad feeling is? If a person meditates on any type of negativity, and his magnetic field is charged from the inside with the negativity, and if he is somewhere within the reach of your mental distance, you will immediately get filled up with that thought. Your first action will be to go and curse that guy and punch him. Thank God, your brain only works two or three per cent.

Question: Isn’t there a way to protect yourself from that or get out of it, or relax or something?

Well, this series of lectures will handle that, but first you must know the situation. We are heading towards sensitive brain activity. That is the power of the planet Uranus. It is wrong to say that Uranus causes craziness. You will come home; your wife will be lying dead. You will say, “Honey, what is wrong?” You will call the specialist. He will say, “She has gone out of her body. She will come back after 72 hours. If not, ring me up. It’s all okay. “

You will live with these things. Now, after 72 hours she has still not returned. You were going to go to a party. You promised somebody. Everything has stopped, because she has gone into an out-of-the-body trip.

You send your children in the car to do something; you reach a place; you have gone to see a movie; you tell them to come out, and they are sitting calm and silent, solid stone. You have got two Buddha statues sitting in the back seat. The breath is all right, but there is no movement. You take them to the doctor, take them to the hospital. The doctor says, “He has this this this …” He will name all these things, and then they’re going to say, “Well, after 36 hours there’s a possibility. If not, after the next moon he’s going to return back. It’s all okay. Put them in this environment … “

That shall be the coming race, because the sensitivity in man’s own self is going to increase. And the mental mind projection is going to be activated very much. Whereas the procedure to protect the mind and channel the energy will be less known to people. If that happens, the net result will be what I have explained to you.

I have just taken you out into the future of the human race for a couple of minutes. You do not know what you can do. But the answer is –  you can do what is required.

If your mind and your meditation and your sensitivity can be together, and your polarity of the male and female will be very systematic; and if your union will create a projective self, which will be in the near future of your children, and then you can be assured.  There will be a sensitive race anyway, but that race will sense everything clear, calm and quiet. This human disaster has to be saved. That’s what we are talking about.

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